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Playground behavior - when your kids play with others and your/ other kids misbehave what do you ? Would you scold other kids? Would you let another mom scold yours?

scolding a kid in front of others is not polite. neither ours nor someone else's. so I definitely won't scold other kid ( actually that would be embarrassing for other parent too) but if other parent scold my kid once in a while (not too harshly) I'll be chill about it

if my girl complains of someone pushing her ...I tell her in front of the other child that she shud tell him not to push her...I feel it's very imp for a child to be independent and to be able to handle situations on their own... this has always worked...
n this way the odr child also understand what he did wrong n neither if them r insulted

I tell my child what to do in front of the other child so that she tries to manage the situation herself. At the same time, the other child gets a message.

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