Hi Mommies can you'll please suggest what kind of toys I should buy for my 10 month old baby boy...Thanks

hi tanya. by the tenth month babies are growing and understanding fast. A lot of different kinds of stacking toys can be bought. my baby loved different type of balls. i kept things simple. animal toys. better do a store visit with him to see what he likes

Tanya by this time ur kid must have started making his way around creeping crawling etc. You can try push toys, blocks, balls, shape sorters, toy telephone etc. you must check out couple of DIY play articles written by Amruta Ramasubramaniam.

Stacking toys, blocks, balls.. Anything colourful

Thanks Neha Priya and Anuradha

can u pls send me the link neha

Tanya- very good question! check out this article called 6 must have toys in your baby's first year by MomStar Prachi. Answers exactly that!

you can make some sensory toys at home too for ur baby to explore .

the pic is a little cropped. so this sensory board had:
a sock to pull on, some cloth and grains to feel. lace tie ups, aluminium foil for reflexion play, clock again for touch and feel play and baby's name on top

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