Hey pretty ladies, are you pregnant and does sound sleep seem like a distant dream? Are you unsure about which position is best for sleeping? Then please read...
Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of our lives. When I saw that pink line on my test kit at 3 a.m. in the morning (yes, I am a crazy lady, I admit it!), I was skipping and jumping around with sheer joy... Little did I realize that I will be losing my sleep from that day onwards. Yes, I have not slept at a stretch since that day, what with peeing, cramps, back pains, gas, anxiety, etc. during pregnancy, and a screaming little baby after (yes pregnant ladies, the worst is yet to come!). But along the way, I did use some techniques to sleep well during the time that I slept. So I am hoping that you find it beneficial throughout your pregnancy.
1) Make water your best friend!:- This point might seem strange when I am talking about sleeping, because you already must be spending half your time in the loo. But drink 3ltrs. of water without fail a day, and you will keep many unpleasant symptoms and pregnancy woes away. Trust me, never during or after my pregnancy did I once suffer from constipation, urinary infection or most of the other discomforts.
2) Relax yourself before bedtime:- Free yourself from all technology, including your phone at least half-an-hour before bedtime. Read something pleasant, stretch yourself (without straining), practice Pranayama, meditate... anything that tones you down to calmness (it may be even folding and arranging clothes in the wardrobe).
3) Establish a bedtime routine:- You should follow a particular routine before sleeping so that the brain associates your actions with "time to sleep". Mine was to brush, wash my face, hands and feet, read a book, pray and then go to sleep.
4) Get really, really comfortable:- Use as many pillows as you require to get comfortable. As pregnancy advances, you may require more pillows. Use one to support the tummy, one to keep the legs raised, maybe one to hug. Ensure that the room is fresh and airy.
5) Get moving during the day:- You should engage in some physical activity, according to what your pregnancy condition allows. You must consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. Unless on bed rest, you can at least go for a walk.
Other points to keep in mind are:
* Eat smaller, frequent meals to prevent acidity and heartburn. Do not eat right before bedtime, eat at least an hour or two earlier.
* If you feel vomiting sensation when in  bed, you can try to keep upper body in higher level than lower body, by using pillows.
* Talk to your doctor if you get cramps in legs or feel restlessness.
* Sleep on your left side. This is most preferred as, this position helps to bring the most nutrients and blood flow to baby. Keep your knees bent, you can sleep on your right also, but never sleep on your back as it can block blood supply from lower body to heart. It will also cause the uterus to put pressure on the spine, which can result in back aches.
* Use hot water bag for those pesky aches, but remember, never use it on or near your precious bump.
Remember, baby does not feel any discomfort, no matter how you sleep, she is safe and cosy in the amazing little world within your tummy. So you can safely focus on getting yourself comfortable.
So ladies, get comfy, relax and enjoy a night of lovely dreams...

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