Baby T these days loves to self feed and I encourage her do this because this helps her develop her pincer grasp skills which is an important growth milestone.

✓ Pincer Grasp

It the biggest key to Independence. The children will use the Grasp skill to feed and dress themselves. It helps child understand how to pick up things.

• To start helping Baby T with it.. I have started giving her pea-sized boiled vegetables and she picks them up and feeds herself.

• It keeps her busy as well as content for around 10-15 mins

The smile on her face after finishing those carrots was Priceless 😁😁😍😍😍


. #milestones #babymilestones #babygrowth #babygrowthmilestone #earlylearning #childdevelopment #homelearning #pincergrasp is looking adorable and indeed a very good activity and eating habit to develop

Cutie pie.. 😘😘

Cute ! Can I ask which highchair you are using for baby?

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