After months of procrastination, here I am. I was losing my confidence because of my lethargic body. It is not just about weight but also about mental health. I needed that push again. It is just the beginning and I know I have a long road ahead in front of me. Wish me luck!! .

AWESOME PAUSOME - U GO GIRL!!!!!! i'm back at my zumba as well after a long break and feel awesome! nothing like working out :)

True that asha chaudhry

All the best dear!

All the best dear

Awesome ! It takes a lot to push yourself out. Lovely that u did it. All the best. Conquer it. Girl power to you.

All the best

All the best

All the very best

All the best.. Neha more power to u.. U can do it.

All the best...I too.need to get out of my comfort zone

Good for you

All the best Neha.. I started with yoga from last month and I can definitely say that working out is so so so good for our mind and body..feels great..

Yeahh indeed its motivating fr u n we all..Now u have the torch of continuation n goal towards fitness.. Don't back off...keep running

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