Wasn't your wedding day the most amazing day of your life?

Share with us your favourite memory from your wedding day?

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Bcz of my anger I cancel all my parlor bookings and on the d day I HV to go to some nearby parlour..... And on my hubby side his kurta pajama was missing which he has to wear inside the shirwani...... After finding it for 2 hr it was there in the car under the seat..... And not on our side even God has to do something there was such a heavy rain, I just got ready n sat in car the rain gt started everything gt wet.... All this n many more thing happens

My favourite memory was when we were coming to my in laws . I was sitting between my husband and MIL. My husband hold my hand and start typing on the mobile phone ( he couldn't speak becoz my MIL was sitting) . He wrote " thanks for marrying me. With the blessings of god i will always keep you happy ".

Rather then writing about my favorite memory I'm posting this lovely capture.. 😍

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Parampreet Kaur aww thats such a wonderful gesture...

Ankita Aggarwal omg r u serious can't imagine what ur state of mind would have been at that time...

Ankita Aggarwal omg seriously.!!

Parampreet Kaur so Lovely 😍

Kritz such a lovely capture.😍

Vidya Rathod; thank u dear... 😍😊

My marriage is almost 10 years back. Most of friends attended the wedding. It's first marriage in my side and second in his side so huge gathering.

My marriage day was a big time havoc. Rains, the mandap fell down, so much humidity and heat, I was so pissed off that I just wanted it all to get over. I think the most memorable thing was when I sat in the car to come back and the AC started..😜😜

My husband was standing with roses in the hallway as I entered.That was so sweet of him.

Neha Mani Mishra oh god.. terrible it sounds yaar...

Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) how sweet dear.;

Ankita Aggarwal and Neha Mani Mishra I can understand your situation..most of the girls probably start dreaming about their dream wedding at late teenage and when it gets ruined because of any laws.. weather..'s a lifetime pain..

Beautiful click Kritz

Parampreet Kaur and Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) sweet gestures from men with whom you have to spend your life..that too on wedding day itself instills confidence in a girl who is leaving too much of hers behind her and is romantic too..

Yes it's true Kritz n Vidya Rathod nothing like this Aditi Ahuja but getting tensed as per situation hwz my mother situation she has to see it all alone

Aditi Ahuja thank u dear..; 🤗😊

On my big day I have plans of getting ready beautifully but due to makeup girl issues I was too late and its muhurthom time I have to rush. I was left with not good dressing. I feel depressed when I think of it and see my mrg pics.

After jaimal mere husband ne flowers buke bheja tha...baad me malum hua ki stage PR Dena bhool gye the 😂

Kaise bhul skti vo din....humara Pandit bahut comedian tha...jisko jisko neend aa ri thi vo unhe sone nhi de rhe the...sbse phle purane jamane ki trah unhone kaha var vadhu ek dusre ko dkhe aur jaise hi unhone bola aur sab Hume dkhne lge aur hum dono ko itni shram aayi ki hum log dkh ni paye😂😂

Lots of rain of a monsoon Wedding !!☺️

Wen v both entering towards stage.. I had seen flowers on carpet,, n dat tym he proposed me Wo bi slowly he said in ear.. .its arranged marriage,,lots fun drama in my marriage..

When i saw my husband after long break wo b mandap pe we saw each other nd smiled...still i remember that sweet sa smile i felt for him again😍 then when we were going to inlaws house he hold my hand throughout d journey mil sat beside to me i was continously crying many memories

When my hubby tied mangalsutra, we dated for 7 yrs n then convinced parents for inter religion marriage so when finally He put mangalsutra n sindoor, we both smiled as now we knew that we are forever together n notibg can seperate us

Thank u dear Kritz and Aditi Ahuja

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