Feeling the movements of the baby is such a special feeling..;


Thats a wonderful feeling every moment of it !!

Congo for Joining baby kicks club 😊

Not start yet .
....waiting ❤

Kritz i am still confused about the movements in my 24 weeks.!😂

Amrita same with me

Very true 😊

Kavita Sahany Mrs Chhoker; yeah it's really a wonderful feeling... 😍😍
Neelam sinoliya not to worry dear i felt them around my 22nd week.. AMRITA MALLIK
Kusum Govil;;;;; I got the confirmation yesterday while I was at the docs clinic.. she asked me do u feel the movements?; I was confused n told her I do feel but not sure. So then I was asked to lay down n show her as to did I feel any movement or Not. When I showed her the place ,she checked n confirmed I was right n it was the baby moving...😍😍😍

Okk thats the way to confirm. Kritz once the road condition gets improved i ll definitely visit my doctor to get the confirmation too.

AMRITA MALLIK I was lucky that I had my checkup yesterday.. 😍 but yeah I guess next time u go ur doc will ask u whether u feel the movements or not... That time u can try 👍🤘

Kritz my doc asked me the same question at 5th month only. But that time i was feeling nothing. So i said no. But i doubt that if i don't get that tumbling feeling at the time of my doctor's visit then how ll i confirm it through him?

AMRITA MALLIK do one thing eat something tangy or drink orange juice or a chocolate n then lay down on ur left hand side.. u should feel the movement... Also the placement of the placenta also matters here. Those who have anterior placenta can feel the movements n kicks little latter than the rest...

Kritz great! Thank u so much!

Yeay... It's so beautiful feeling 😊😊 can't wait to see my little munchkin 😍 but sometimes I feel like football match is goin on in my tummy 😜😜

basu haha loved ur description (football match😉)
Yeah me too waiting to see the lil one.. but the wait is going to be a long one for me as I'm due in nov

Kritz only matter of 3 months dear. Time will fly. 😊. All the best

basu; yeah in these matters time flies...

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