Late night hunger pangs. They are waking me up and not letting me sleep even after being satiated. Hate them.

Its all pregnancy magic and miracles 😊😊

I happens..have something then at that time.. even a nutrichoice biscuit helps..

Great choice

@aditi ahuja yes I also did the same having a nutri choice biscuit at 3:30 am 😁

Hunger pangs me in the early morning dear....

Today the pang was so strong that i ate 1 whole bowl of meuseli. I was still hungry. But somehow i slept for 1 hour and woke up again qith severe wretching of the gut. Luckily my maid had already made some upma to my rescue. Feeling sleepy and still hungry.

Nutri choice biscuits . I lole9 them too but they don't satiate the big hunger pangs at all. And it also leaves a sour taste in the whole mouth. Aditi Ahuja uja di

In my first pregnancy I used to feel mid night hunger pangs but donno why this time I am not feeling that hungry. I used to eat fruits or milkAditi Ahuja can you tell me why I am not feeling hungry this time 🤔

Dear AMRITA MALLIK I had a 9 to 7 office during my pregnancy and that too in initial months I had little bit of all problems which pregnancy brings.. I ate just oranges and nutrichoice..a big biscuit came those I think they have stopped them..well if you find it's taste sour..museli is good..some other options can be..amla candy..a mix of dry fruits (almonds, cashews, peanuts, foxnuts) roasted in oil or ghee and seasoned with salt, peeper..even Chaat masala.. you can also keep dried apricots, anjeer...home made mathri..muffins help a lot..

Mrs Chhoker each pregnancy is different..even one and second for same person is different..this time you had more nausea than first may be..also hormonal changes..age..having already gone through one pregnancy..body fitness levels..affect a lot..

Same pinch dear Ekta Daniel

Dear rekha joshi I have a good idea for your early morning hunger pangs..even everyone can take is really good and easy...soak about 3-4 almonds, 2 walnuts, 5-6 kishmish, 2-3 pistachios and 1-2 dry anjeer in water at morning peel the almonds and Walnut so that walnuts heat goes away and have this mix with very little honey..many of your pregnancy problems will be solved..

aditi ahuja my mom giving me daily soak dry fruit lik ths only. its really gives energy...
n for mid night hunger i used nutri choice oats biscuit n muesli n some tym milk.

Aditi Ahuja di i am also doing this ritual. It kills the hunger pangs for like 30 to rt minutes max. So by the time my breakfast is ready i am hungry again.

Yes you are right Aditi Ahuja; muje bhi night me bhut bhukh lgti h or tumne jo btaya hai vhi me bhi khati hu ya fir bnana bhi kha leti hu ... ajir or kishmish khane se bhot fayde hote hai ... frist pragnancy me muje itni bhukh nhi lgi but ab lg rhi h .... thank you for good advise

Thanks everyone and great going guys!!

Correct Aditi ahuja I'm soaking dry fruits in the same way which actually relaxing my hunger..mommy's do it yaar its very good for our baby.. I have kept alarm every night so that I never forget to soak it :-)

That's really great dear Bijal Joshi .. it will do a lot of good for you and your baby!!

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