Lessons from Week 3-- Of Guilt and Guts

When I began my pregnancy journey, little did I know that it would make me so much more than a mom.; Little had I foreseen that the wonderful nine months would be a period of accepting challenges, cribbing and yet customizing my attitudes to suit the situations.; However, besides all the sobs and sass of pregnancy, post partum has been an altogether different deal. By the time I write this I'll be in the third week post delivering Sid but I have also felt a thorough set of guilt trips by now. Here are the top five things the baby-ing mommying period has taught me--

1. The guilt of Falling asleep for over 3 hours and not waking up to the alarm to dream feed.

2. The guilt of Feeling miserable about not taking care of myself enough so that my baby would have been 3kgs instead of a little under.; I have faced some real shaming over this. Will make material for a post later.

3. The guilt of not having energy to even share my daily doings with hubby when he's back.

4. The guilt of not being able to call up friends who've been following up on me all the while.

5. The guilt of not asking my mom how she's is dspsite Her coming to us daily, to help me with Sid round the day till late evenings.

Does all these guilt trips make me a lesser human being?; A lesser able daughter?; Or a lesser awesome friend, mommy and wifey?;

Do let me know your post partum guilt rides. #babychakramoms #babychakrafamily #babychakra #kolkatamoms #postpartum #pregnancy #delivery

I dnt think so u should be guilty n I think our moms know n understand this cz they have been through the same phase.. moms know everything tats y they r moms n abt hubby dnt worry he is also new to all this so gradually he will also understand .. n other guilts wat u told r also a part n parcel..; I know it's easy to say bt hard to face n make ourselves understand..; m going through a different guilt past one month, I dnt know if I should say it's guilt or fear or wat bt I jus know one thing to be positive, have faith in God n not to let my thoughts over me. post parentI'm many things happen, every mom has a different experience I guess.. n yes last bt nt the least all ur thoughts dnt make u any lesser human being, friend, wife or daughter...; U r a superb MOM jus remember this... Happy motherhood 😊

Happy motherhood!

Neha.. your reply boosted Me. Share your guilt too with us..; we are all buddies after all. Am sure you will sail through positively.

Thanks Satarupa B Kaur m giving myself all positive thoughts daily still negativity wins at times I dnt know wats happening .. these news on rape n girl child nt being safe in India is all my fear is all about cz I became a mother of a girl now. . Somehow I feel life is done for me bt web I see my baby m back. Again I stand thn again I fell down..; this app is helping me alot otherwise I dnt know wat will happen...; no friends around or no one to talk to this is making me like this or wat dnt know...; even nt getting time with hubby..; plz help me feel safe n sound..

Omg.... don't feel guilty sbke sath hota h aisa...even m aur Patidev watsapp chat krte m mommy of toddler then ab ghr m baat kr lete h....rhi frndz ki baat toh vo bhi smjhnge ,,u r super dooper n rocking mummy

Aaaaiiiii so cute he is.

@neha don't u worry.; live in the present.; Don't over think. Trust god and you will have faith to rear your child up strong and happy.

Rebecca Prakash Sid is blushing Becca Aunty.

Tats wat m thinking rupa (if I can call u rupa) tat m over thinking .. tats y m trying to give myself all positivity bt fail sometimes.. I trust god n I believe tat thr's only one god ppl name it anything by thr's only one supreme power tats it...

Of course you can call me that.; Have faith.; Lotsa hugs. For anything we here are there for you. Keep sharing your mind and we will be happy to help.

Yes I too had that guilt, I should have eaten well my bBy would have been in good weight, her bw was 2.7 but later on she turned up to be a healthy child and it matters a lot. For first few months you will go mad with this weight gain but as the months pass you will know weight does not matter as long as the baby is active and healthy.

Sure rupa thank you... m feeling like I got some friends now

Rightly said Rebecca..

Satarupa dear first of all lots of hugs.. don't feel guilty about anything.. as mom's we do the best we can for our babies and with this new responsibility everyone around us understand our situation.. you are the best and you are doing your best.. it's just a phase it will pass you will have new guilt when he grows little big and it will continue whole time.. say to yourself always that you are doing your best, it's just a phase and everything is going to be fine.. take care switee!!!

neha singhal don't be afraid of anything just be strong.. train your daughter to be strong and to fight with all the evil out there like a warrior..

Thanks Bhrukuti Mistry I will teach her.; U all moms r my pillar of support. . Thanks alot. .

We are always there for you neha singhal take care!!

Rebecca Prakash exact situation I was in.; He has gained 300 gms this week and that makes me happy.; But initially with my 2.7 kgs, I had heard comments like "kamzor hai" dspsite him being healthy.; Families sometimes turn out to be the worst nightmares.

You will hear more yaar. I still hear, especially from maids, roti wali, cook. Once I gave back my maid I eat healthy and rich food than you guys I was that irritated. But now it does not irritate me, I'm more into how to offer healthy stuff. I have heard unwanted advice top feed her she will look chubby, Ritu Singhal shared her story how Rehu was constipated once top feed was introduced and how she breastfed her and relieved it, I'm happy the way she is..

The guilt of not eating well during pregnancy .Iraj's birth weight was 2.5kg..i was so disappointed after hearing this. .n I still feel very bad that during my pregnancy I didn't eat well so my baby was weak..

2.5 is standard.; Even if the baby was 3, would that make him healthier?; Never!!; 500 gms here and there doesnt matter dear. We are all on the same page. Mrs.Aaisha Sarwar

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