The terrible Tuesday is here and I thought it's time to see if we all #babychakramoms value material stuff to a huge extent or no.

Tell me what costly thing you can willingly sacrifice!? #Kolkatamoms #Babychakra #funactivities

Any jewellery item if needed...

I don't think anything that i have at present materially is much expensive beyond the hardwork i have done in this life. So i wouldn't give up any thing that i have acquired in this life.

Awesome Amrita. Good to know you are such a diligent soul. Much love.

Oh..Such a difficult question...I think all the materialistic things I have acquired aee after great hard work I had put in to earn that money..

Satarupa B Kaur ..Frankly speaking..I am really attached to materials tic things...This post got me thinking🤔🤔🤔

Me I wouldn't want to give up on anything coz I have got all the stuff for myself with my hard earned money..

Kritz same here...and totally agree with you 👍

Priti Raghuvanshi 🤘same pinch dear.. but seriously after all the hard work put in I really wouldn't give up..

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