"Are you struggling to put your child to sleep every night?

Few things that can help in developing good sleep habits in children :

1. Fix up a schedule. Put the child to sleep almost at the same time every night.

2. Bath, Massage- Give your child bath every night with warm/tepid water. Give a gentle massage after bath. You can use any non sticky baby oil/lotion like Johnsons

3.Feed- ensure that the child is well fed

4. Music/bedtime story- Share a short story with your child.

5.Let your child sleep on their own- Just when the child is sleepy, get a little away from the child. Initially you can stay in the room, gradually move out. This ensures the child learns to sleep on their own.

Please share if you have any specific bedtime routine for your baby!"

Very helpful! Thanks for sharing:)

Helpful article

Very helpful

But my baby widout latching milk she cnt sleep only 😴
I hd tried many time to make her sleep

How to leave 9 months baby alone in a room

This is such on point article

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