Is it positive ? My LMP was on 26th june i did UT on 23rd july ......can anybody help me out with this ☺

Please repeat it after 26 th july.

Yes you are pregnant go to your gynac and she will perform beta hcg to confirm it

Thank you Amritha and Mrs Chhoker

Any others opinion please

Did this faint line appear immediately after doing the test?

Hcg climbs slowly to show clearly in urine . I checked one week after missed period and it was dark pink line. Consider checking after 28th July early morning. Wish u luck.

Yes faint line after few minutes only ....

Then it's likely to show up soon. Wait for couple of days.

Yes its positive dear

Thank you neelam n kiran

Repeat the test after a day or two and take the first sample in the mrng after you wake up.

Ok shwetha ..and i hope bindu its positive

It's positive.. same thing happened with me 😋.. and I do the test before my periods due date too ..

So when u met the doctor for further tests

And did u check again after few days r only dat time

I went for test after three months.. and that was mistake.. u shud go to the doctor after two month if their is no complications..and do get the checkup done of thyroid ,sugar level..etc
As mine thyroid was diagnosed on fifth month

But beta-hcg should test should b done ryt one we missed our period

So in same test only they check b-hcg n thyroid

I didn't checked it again... Becoz I had nausea kind of thing going on and these two lines says it all

I think u have to go for separate test...

Yes it’s definitely a positive ❤️ congratulations 🤗

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