Kabhi alvida na kehna…
It’s been a wonderful 16 months' journey on BabyChakra and my 63,251 activities on the app show how much I have enjoyed being a part of your lives! Thank you for including me in your momhood journey – in all your posts, your baby’s milestones, your celebrations, your confusions… It has been an absolute honour! And most important, thank you for making me your asha di :).
In the same breath, I want to thank all of you for unconditionally building an eco-system for parents in the true sense. I have seen how our answering squad was built; I have seen many many impact stories involving your participation; I have witnessed thousands of goosebumpy moments on the app here, and I salute each one of you for creating the magic.
For the past few months I have been introspecting and I have realized I need to re-look at my professional & personal goals – I like to do a reality check now and then :). And that’s why I need to go. I’m not saying goodbye, because I’m always just a ping away – most of you know I’m very accessible on social media. So feel free to reach out if you need to.
A community is as good as its members are. So keep spreading the goodness…And be there for each other.
Stay blessed.
Mucho love & hugs to you and your childoos. From me & my childoo.

asha chaudhry

Priya Sood thank u for being the invisible glue that keeps us all together :)

asha chaudhry

Lage raho Khushboo Chouhan ben!

asha chaudhry

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa cant thank u enough! U have no idea how much u have contributed to this community selflessly!

asha chaudhry

Richa Chowdhary i will come to ur place for that walnut cake :)

asha chaudhry

Sheeba Vijesh miss u dearly - stay in touch!

asha chaudhry

Sonam patel u and nishu will always be a part of me :)

asha chaudhry

Sumira Bhatia i love how we are just a ping away and how boundries become seamless :)

Khushboo Chouhan

asha chaudhry we are not letting you go.... I will keep pinging you!!!

asha chaudhry

Roopashree Siddireddy u are unique. And we are so blessed to have u. Cant thank u enough for being there for all of us.

asha chaudhry

Rebecca Prakash my becca!!! U have no idea how big a giver u are! Pls never change!

asha chaudhry

Neha Mani Mishra Neha Vij keep adding ur flavours!

asha chaudhry

Shruti Giri - miss u heaps and wish u well, always

Neha Mani Mishra

Will miss you Di. You are out biggest support here 😘😘

asha chaudhry

Aditi Ahuja u are one incredible woman and i shall meet u, Yogini Kandre and Parul Johari whn i m in abad next :) pls never change!

Priya Sood

Asha, you are just a gem. A wonderful person who has the best smile. We will be in touch. This is not alvida at all.

asha chaudhry

Kavita Sahany pls keep posting ur insights from ur answers - u have so much to offer :)

asha chaudhry

Resham Java no one tags articles the way u do!

asha chaudhry

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying) m so glad we met. Good luck for whats in store for u next!

asha chaudhry

Bhavna Anadkat Madhavi Cholera u both are our recipe queens and darlings of the app! Aapde madishoo :)

asha chaudhry

Sania Bhushan Varsha rao Taheseen Asif keep spreading ur positivity

asha chaudhry

Richa Kaushik Richa Kaushik Richa Kaushik u are stronger than strong and ur childoo is very lucky! U, @Amreen Sonam patel are such amazing chat mods!

asha chaudhry

Merline Thomson Ellora Mohanty Biswal Shiny Vincent i think of u in the same breath! Stay awesome :)

asha chaudhry

Shipra Dang Kataria Sneha Khandait Deshmukh Akshaya Naresh ur journeys are close to my heart!

Taheseen Asif

No alvida di will miss you
i will meet you asha chaudhry

asha chaudhry

@neha sharma u are the one who started calling me asha di :) so glad to hv met u. Nemit is super lucky :)

asha chaudhry

Zeba Soudagar Zegna Fayas stay awesome

asha chaudhry

Priyanka Maheshwari ur blogs are precious

asha chaudhry

Nasreen Mansoor i can never forget u :) i used to worry so much whn u were in the hospi wondering if ur bf issues were getting resolved :)

asha chaudhry

Laxmi Shankar Shruthi prem i remember u often!

asha chaudhry

Satyam Sharma u are one of the most inspiring moms on the app! Pihu is blessed. Touchwood! So is Priyam Sharma :)

asha chaudhry

KritiVika !!!! I smile when i think of u and how u've grown into a wonderful mom!

asha chaudhry

Nilofer shaikh i miss ur #happyhours posts and pray ur bf issues get resolved very soon. Hang in there sweety!

Parul Johari

Awww plz dnt leave us di....i really LOVE you and gonna miss u a lot.
Keep in touch and best of luck for ur future plans!
asha chaudhry

asha chaudhry

Satarupa B Kaur u are wonder woman and i m in awe of ur tenacity :)

asha chaudhry

Mrs Chhoker pooja u are wonderful! Stay happy and ignore u know who ;)

asha chaudhry

Dr. Payal M so so happy we met and hv stayed in touch! U are one of babyc's pillars!

asha chaudhry

Nisha Dayal ur kindness is contagious. We will always stay in touch

asha chaudhry

Sheeba Rizvi hamara toh milne ka vaada hai :)

asha chaudhry

Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy) we miss u so!

asha chaudhry

Durga Salvi manvi bhandari tum dono bahut hi pyaari ho!

asha chaudhry

ritu singhal words fail me, coz u are a vault of momhood experiences. Salute!

Rebecca Prakash

Not going say good bye or best of luck because we will be in touch forever.

asha chaudhry

Sowmya Prithvi (sonu) u are a rockstar!

asha chaudhry

Yogini Kandre we keep talking so not saying bye!

asha chaudhry

Revauthi Rajamani u are a huge contributor to this eco-system. Thank u for everything!

asha chaudhry

Nancy Singh everything u do leaves me in awe! Ur zest is contagious. Pls never change! And pls keep inspiring others!!!

Revauthi Rajamani

Thank you asha ji, will continue and I'm happy doing so

asha chaudhry

Vidya Rathod its moms like u who quietly build a meaningful place like ours :) much love to u and the kids!

asha chaudhry

aradhana sharma i think of u often and how strong u are. More power to u!

Laxmi Shankar

Thank u so much di for remembering me.....u r so adorable di....asha chaudhry di ....kabhi alvida nahi kahna di ....

asha chaudhry

Kartik Kujur !!! Kartik i will have to write a post to list down all the amazing things about u being on the app! Pls stay in touch!

asha chaudhry

Foram KModi (Slimpossiblediet) hope all's well at ur end!

asha chaudhry

Priti Singh Pooja Singh Priti Raghuvanshi stay awesome

asha chaudhry

Charu Nb u tc sweety! And stay in touch!

asha chaudhry

Kritz love ur spirit!

asha chaudhry

AMRITA MALLIK tc of urself and think of me while walking!

asha chaudhry

Anusha Priya the girl who calls me akka! Much love to u!

asha chaudhry

Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) u are a breath of fresh air!

asha chaudhry

sheetal bhardwaj Rosie Emerald tc always!

asha chaudhry

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) Manveen (Motheropedia_Blog) Charu Sareen Gujjal(TheMomSagas) Harneet (clanpedia) we shall be in touch!

asha chaudhry

Palak Thakur Ruchi Srivastava tc

Krutika Gor

asha chaudhry; omg...So soon nnoooooo... Thank u soo much for remembering me.. it's a honour really n means a lot to me.. tussi ja rahe ho.. tussi na Jaaon.. will miss u a lot.. u r such a noble soul..

Sowmya Prithvi (sonu)

asha chaudhry dhi ur always there for us, no matter what... That's the best thing on this app.. 😘😘

asha chaudhry

Ashika Imthiyaz suchismita patro Bhrukuti Mistry Mahi Gajwani Meeta Rajani stay awesome

asha chaudhry

Dhara Popat Ankita Popli aditi trikha Vidhi Duggal (Luminosity.blog) keep in touch!

asha chaudhry

Anisha Agarwal Kinshoo (momlearningwithbaby) Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction) Preeti Athri keep rocking

asha chaudhry

Kamalini Rao Niveditha Rambhajan tc! We miss u!

asha chaudhry

Anchal Talwar Sony (Amrita) Neelam sinoliya stay awesome!

Roopashree Siddireddy

Thank you so much... you have touched many lives. Introspecting is one good thing that each one of us should do every now and then. You are the real charm here. Stay in touch. Indeed you are asha D. For me its D for darling, daring, dashing, dynamic.....and the list goes on and on. Have fun..enjoy life. Whenever in Bangalore... lets meet.

sheetal bhardwaj

asha chaudhry di u r such a wonderful person ... thanks for remembering me ... loads of love to u and ur sweetheart childhoo .. u too take care..

asha chaudhry

Arwa Hozefa Mamta Washist Sulbha Bathwal @twinsandmamata stay in touch!


U can't say bye like this to us..... asha chaudhry di. It ll not be good to not find you actively in my journey to come.

asha chaudhry

Sirisha Bhalla Amruta Naik Neeta Shetty Khushboo Chag Nayana Nanaware Gunjan Bhatla Humera Mehtab u all are awesome!

asha chaudhry

Divya Amit Jain Prithvi Balaji Sachi Singhal Archana Bhosale Suhasini Vinod Mrs.Aaisha Sarwar stay in touch

asha chaudhry

revathi suresh Riya Smitha Sonam zarin Avani Tulapurkar ruquaiya khan DrKanika Toshniwal Aishwarya Shukla Karishma Aggarwal Priya Dubey pls stay awesome!

asha chaudhry

HIMANI JETHANI Putul Mukherjee sweta bajaj Nisha Das Preeti Cholkar Dwinkle Chauhan Radha priya i wish u well!

asha chaudhry

Smitha Prabhav Abhilasha Paul Abhilasha Jaiswal Lavanya Sandeep Krishna Rimsha Idrees Riya Rahul Paranjpe priyanka sain malvika gupta Sai Gandre take care!

asha chaudhry

sanjida khan Amardeep Mann Komal Savaliya Isha Sharma tc!

asha chaudhry

Kiran K stay in touch

asha chaudhry

khushboo pitti Dr. Jasdeep kaur Neeta Nihale Akansha Sharma tc!

asha chaudhry

Cheni Adukia Mamatha Dilip (allaboutmommying) stay in touch!

Cheni Adukia

Take care Aasha. Yes definitely would love to stay in touch.

Kiran K

Yes asha chaudhry di, hope to meet you someday. Your smile is contagious. Keep smiling. There is so much love in your words. Love you di. Lucky to know you. Will catch up whenever I get chance to visit Mumbai. Stay connected.Best wishes

asha chaudhry

shobhna khandelwal Anmol Madaan Ekta Daniel tc!

asha chaudhry

Dear Naiyya Saggi Naiyya Saggi Priya Iyer Rachita Choudhary all the very best for ghar ghar mein babychakra :)

Arwa Hozefa

asha chaudhry u r truly gonna be missed . I loved all ur comments and suggestions . Will def keep in touch . All the best on ur journey ahead. 🤗🤗😘😘

Anusha Priya

asha chaudhry akka thank u so much for remembering me ... miss u , u r always there for us 😊😊😊 All the best .. and don't forget to ping me when u visit bangalore ..

Nisha Dayal

asha chaudhry you will be missed a lot. All the best. Don’t forget to meet us during Diwali break. Take care love you

Akanksha Bajaj

asha chaudhry ..you were the first person to welcome me on the app! You radiate warmth and love! Glad to have met you here.Wishing you success down the professional road.Stay in touch.Babychakra is incomplete without you.

Satarupa B Kaur

My Asha Di. For the first-time ever in my professional exp I have cone across someone I really meant addressing as Di. You are much more than just someone.; you've inspired me and taught me lots since Dec and I'll Alwys keep bothering you.; There will be no goodbyes. Lotsa love and hugs asha chaudhry

Vidya Rathod

Asha di I don't know what to say. Your words honoured me so much. There is never good bey to sweet hearts like u. All the best for your future plans. Much love to u and ini.❤️

Yogini Kandre

asha chaudhry Di you are an awesome soul stay blessed always , jald hi milenge amdavaad main

Mrs. Chhoker

We will always love you 😘

Nancy Singh

asha chaudhry we will stay in touch and I am definitely meeting you in either Delhi or Goa .But this marks the end to my journey in babychakra as well 😊😊 as i decided earlier if you and Neha leave then even i would leave.

asha chaudhry

Nancy Singh the relationships we build via our communities last forever. I have built a legacy of startup founders who are all in touch with each other, always. So there is no leaving :) we all will always be connected with one another :)


asha chaudhry ur presence on babychakra will be missed; 🙁 though we are not connected personally but I am ur secret admirer,u have always been an inspirational soul to me! Take care 😘Phir milenge chalte chalte 😀

Priya Dubey

I miss u asha chaudhry mam.. I love u and i love ur smile or positiveness 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Baby chakra is incomplete without u

Khushboo Chouhan

Ashaaaaaa, we know, your void will always be there and no body can take your place, but I am sure, during your journey you have created many many Asha Chaudhry like you on the app ☺️☺️ to take over of our community. Professional goals keep on changing but here we all are connected by heart and will always be there to help each other, no matter if we are professionally connected or not.

Priya Sood

asha chaudhry we still hope you will be on the app with us. Our community is all about helping each other and having fun while doing so. We all make Motherhood truly easier. With our special moments we have on the app. The way we give moral support....answer and share

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

In the journey of life we meet several people who are hard to forget. I am glad to have met a person like you. Hope the path ahead is smooth for you and may you reach your goal without fuss.;love you Asha maa 🤗😘 i know i can disturb you whenever i want still miss you sooo much ❣ lots of love and hugs to my darling sis Ini 🤩

Kavita Sahany

asha chaudhry ji...this really made me teary eyed...you have appreciated and acknowledged each and everyone so beautifully ...that only a family member could do ...
You will always be missed ..And I am sure you will always be there to guide us through when ever we need you !!
You are such a wonderful person by heart !!
Best wishes in what ever you do 💐💐

Divya Amit Jain

Hi asha ,due to busy schedule I m NT able c the app on regular basis. But VL try .I joined my job back. That's y I got busy nowadays

aradhana sharma

Di ...I want to tell u when I think of bc first picture of a guide and friend that comes in mind is u...my babys birthday is on 17 and I was planning how to do what to do....and was expecting moms and guiding star like u to help me... My bc family will be incomplete without u. Honestly I want to tell u...may me I may sound childish...which m.. Why R U Going?? Plz Ruk jao asha chaudhry

Aditi Ahuja

It happens very less that I am at a loss of words..but today I am..it's like a hollow feeling from inside. I not only love you from the bottom of my heart asha chaudhry di.. but respect you a lot....there are very few people who have touched my life the way you have..I am honored that I know you..you have that Midas touch which few people have...God bless you....it's not a goodbye..we will definitely meet at aapnu Ahmedabad.. Good luck for your future endeavors!!

Dr. Payal M

Sad to see u go.
But will be in touch.
Hopefully my annual goa travel dates won't keep clashing with ur travel plans, n we will meet in Goa!!! Hugs

Durga Salvi

Love u asha di aap hamare sath hi rhoge Kahi nahi jaogeasha chaudhry

Bhavna Anadkat

No....asha chaudhry Di pl dnt say good bye... U r soul of bc... Thanks so much for always remembering us.... Really i m a huge fan of u; ur smile give me energy... Di... Me Tamara jvo nature hji sudhi kyay nthi joyo... Tmari comments btave chhe k tme ktla bdha ne dil ma rakhya chhe... Love u so much n ini is really so lucky... Lots of love to her.. . Definitely malisu di... Pl Rajkot avo... ☺

Madhavi Cholera

asha chaudhry di, tears are coming continuously from my eyes reading these! u cant leave us my dear ! i love your smile &; inni is so sweet daughter..take care..will miss you a lot....tamne mali ne koi bv najik nu mlyu hoy evu feel thatu roj....ek var rajkot aavo ne malsu aapne..hugs u...

Sulbha @twinsandmamatalks

I myself is not much active on app...but thank you so much for remembering me and all the best..will miss you for sure

Richa Chowdhary

M waiting for u asha chaudhry buzz me ur contact number... need to talk to u

Priya Iyer

asha chaudhry, it is definitely not goodbye. It is people who make communities and strengthen them and you are definitely an entire community in yourself! We know you are just a tag away if we need you! And you are always around on BabyChakra for those who ask.

Mahi Gajwani

Thanks alott di asha chaudhry u r alwz gem of this journey...hope u succeed in ur professional n personal goals too 😄😄love u loads n to ur kiddo 😍

Amardeep Mann

Asha di.. u r really an adorable person beautiful inside out.... u always been dere fr evry thing ...I feel like I know u from long back lyf.. as u r connected.... luv u n miss u ..n gud luk fr ur lyf ahead ... bt nvr say gud bye.. if evr in lyf u cm 2 punjab plz ping me up n meet ... asha chaudhry di whenevr I d to tag some moms in my few posts... I first of all tag u .... I miss u a loads....

Priya Sood

All of us can be apart of your endeavors just as you were ours! We all are a community of helpful moms

Nisha Das

Why so???; 😒 you have no idea how much time you helpd me out from a difficult situation, I post as annon and u r the one who's advice work for me like a magic, Will really miss you di asha chaudhry , try to come back soon.. tc

Mamatha Dilip (allaboutmommying)

asha chaudhry it was great to know you here. Will definitely stay in touch

Varsha rao

asha chaudhry you are rocking person di👍👍you always my inspiration di..I wanna meet u ..no alvida you r always with me with your blessings

Sonam patel

You are gonna be missed here... And badly... Nonone can ever take your place.

Gunjan Bhatla

asha chaudhry Di you are and will be a strong pillar of baby chakra.... You will be missed by all the moms.... U helped me too alot. Miss u di....

Humera Mehtab

Thankyou asha mam for your positivety you spread over the app,and best of luck for your future tasks.

asha chaudhry

Komal Parekh mucho love to u & the twins. We will meet next time i m in mumbai :)

asha chaudhry

Ankur Agrawal i know u are already an amazing dad! Wishing u all the best for being the most awesome pre-natal yoga instructor and much more. Dads like u make a difference!

asha chaudhry

Reeti tc dear!

Ankur Agrawal

All the best Asha! Whatever you do, stay positive as always!

Satyam Sharma

Thank you for your note asha didi! :)

Bhrukuti Mistry

asha chaudhry di thanks a ton for everything that you did for all of us.. we are going to miss you .. would really like to meet you someday.. all the very best for all your goals!!

Sheeba Rizvi

We will meet for sure. I think I will miss you the most I learned a lot from you and i will keep knocking you whenever i need an expert advice :)keep wearing your charming smile always dear.

Anisha Agarwal

Thanks a lot.. will miss you and all your awesome comments and suggestions

Sania Bhushan

Thanku so much for ur love n regardasha chaudhry di.plz donot say goodbye.plz be there on app for ur support n love.We all will miss u.Best of luck for ur future.May god give u success in every walk of life.Stay blessed n keep smiling akways.Blessings to ur daughter.

Archana Bhosale

OMG.... asha chaudhry this is totally unexpected... U was one of the reason I love babychakra community... U will be missed on app... Much n best wishes to you 👍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

Ekta Daniel

All the very best for all your future endeavours. Didn't get much time to know you but I think you are a popular name on the app,keep rocking 👍

asha chaudhry

Gosh i m very humbled by ur kind words and love! Like i said, i m a ping away :)

asha chaudhry

Aditi Ahuja pls chk ur chat sweety :)


Hey asha chaudhry this is not a good news in the morning...u are a strong Piller of baby chakra ...ur advise is always just perfect...try to reach on app whenever u get time...we will definitely miss you... would like to meet you once...lots of love + hugs..take care of yourself and kiddo...be blessed be awesome. ...Be just the way u are...,

Priti Raghuvanshi

You were the first one di to welcome me on baby charkra....even it's on app but you are always supportive and helping. Please aways be in touch .... because your the first person on baby charkra comes in mind whenever I have any problem. Thank you soooooo much di...lots n lots of love 😍😘


Awww tight hug to u di.. 😘
Same feelings this side too.. ♥️
I love you!!!

Shiny Vincent

Oh My God Di, how the hell did I missed this post. So sorry. Love you di. Thankyou for being there always when i was in need of a friend.😘😇 You are amazing. And may God bless you in all your future assignments.

Foram KModi (Slimpossiblediet)

asha chaudhry yes ..how a bout u ..ull be missed .. u have been always been there when ever I was in need .. will miss u

Neelam sinoliya

You are; stay in my inside di ... no alvida miss you and love you di ... take care you are so charming ... god bless you 😄😄

Ankita Popli

luv u so much asha...
u hold a very special place here... u'll always be missed..
but dont worry we will not stop tagging u... all the bery best for ur future..
our queen bee loys of hugs and luv to u n ini...

Kinshoo (momlearningwithbaby)

You will surely be missed asha chaudhry . Best wishes

ritu singhal

Phew! Just happen to log in to app today and scrolling down to see where all am I tagged,and saw this. Well,thanks for pouring in all the love and appreciation. Wish you luck in all your coming endeavours. Stay blessed,keep rocking and keep in touch!!💐

Richa Kaushik

asha ma'am... I love you!! Will miss you to core


Best of Luck 👍👍 Going to miss you badly. How can we stay in touch. Can’t think of babychakra without you


asha chaudhry Thank you soooo much for your guidance. Would love to stay in touch with u

Dr. Jasdeep kaur

Thnku so much asha di...u r best.u were always there for me during my pregnancy n clear my all doubts....miss u take care n have bright future keep intouch

Zeba Soudagar

Will miss u :*


I m missing you from long time think where are you busy, wish you achieve all your goals dear be happy and healthy asha chaudhry di

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