It's raining here...So I craved for tea...Most of you know that I am off dairy because my baby is allergic to cow milk protein..

Guess what...I and my husband(my husband took work from home today ) went out...Drenched in rain..And got a pack of unsweetened soy milk..

This is made with sofit soymilk..So ladies...I am so happy to have found an alteranate option as I am a tea lover..! What your day looks like??

Did it taste like normal tea made out of milk or qas it different?

Just like normal tea AMRITA MALLIK

As a mom you are doing great job Akanksha. Not easy to sacrifice your favourite..

Rains n Tea Whoa Heavenly combination 👍

Great going dear..I.made sabudana khichdi today!!

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Aditi Ahuja please tell me the technique of preparing the sabu dana for this khichdi. As once i tried to make it but it became slimy and muddy a total disaster.

Gud going Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) ... enjoy ur tea... n Aditi Ahuja; recipe plz... it luks yummy.. u know im feeling like; ving a spoon full n taste dis...

Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales); how u cm to know day ur little one is allergic to cow milk... I mean wt signs r dere...

Thanks dear AMRITA MALLIK and Amardeep Mann ..will share receipe soon

Thanks Rebecca Prakash ...motherhood makes you do things you never imagined

Wow Aditi Ahuja

Amardeep Mann ...she was always cranky,gassy.Had loose stools and rashes.Rashes turned into blisters.

I went on an elimination diet Amardeep Mann and her condition improved..Even now if I eat anything by mistake that has dairy,she gets rashes and blood in stool..

Good going akansha bajaj...; aditi I jus love Sabudana khichdi...

Hugs to you dear Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) takes a lot to handle this kind of situation.. I can understand!!

Thanks dear neha singhal

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