I just took a test ...but i think something went rong its came properly one line also not dark and another one is half dont knkw what it just i decided to take B-Hcg test today ...what do you guys say?

Would suggest you to Take the test again .

Any other opinion

Go for beta hcg or can take the test again with the first morning urine sample.

Yes i gaven blood sample today evening i ll get results

It happens that some ppl get very light or thin 2nd line ... at early pregnancy test ... one of my friend had the same situation... they opted for blood nd urine test n got the confirmation...

Hmmm lets c in d evening

Any of others had same situation n problems with pregnancy kit

It happened with me during initial days that is around 26th to 29th day counting from last menstrual date.. my test showed light other line but that got dark on 30th day exact.

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