Being a mom, i don't follow very strict routine for Kritarth. But some rituals need to be performed daily. There are some practices, i don't like to skip even on a hectic day.

Bedtime routine is one such. If same routine is followed every day before bedtime, you can ensure long hours of sleep for your lil one!

Hope this routine will help you all readers in one or another way!

🌸Wash- Firstly I wash K's face, hands & legs. It helps in baby feeling fresh. I don't prefer a bath at night, as K catches cold too early.

🌸Oil massage- Massages in winter is a must. But in summers too, mild massage is necessary to ease down those tiny tired legs. Oiling before diapering is a must too.

🌸Change into nightwear- Getting your kid in a nightwear is a must. I prefer comfortable, cotton, full sleeves nightwear. Nightwear should be loose so that it won't restrict baby's movement or make them uncomfortable.

🌸Rhymes & Stories- K loves to listen rhymes. I recite rhymes or stories depending upon his mood. It gives him comfort in bed & ensures a peaceful sleep.

Just lil steps & you are done!

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