AMRITA MALLIK till now whatever I could experience in motherhood.. I could find these lines giving the best description..

Aditi Ahuja Di, i don't know what kind of a mother I ll be. But I always wish that may be some day my mom will understand me or may b i ll understand her view point. My relationship with my parents is very strange and strained. They always keep saying that i ll understand when i ll have my baby. But i can't understand what they want me to understand. They are not happy with this pregnancy also.

You will be a great mom to Ur baby Amrita don't worry. Leave everything behind and concentrate on baby

Vidya Rathod yes, i am. This pregnancy has helped me a lot to get out of the past. Earlier i used to miss the good moments with my mom sister and papa and cry uncontrollably, now my heart has started accepting it, that this is gonna stay this way only and i have to move on with this only. But still somewhere any post about mother and mother's contribution comes i start going back and comparing. Gradually this ll also go i know.

I can understand you dear AMRITA MALLIK .. sometimes relationships even when they should be our very own and close give us lots of's easier said than done.. handling this is very difficult but God has now blessed you's a beautiful feeling..honour and experience to bring a new life.. from the time I know you I have seen how much you want to know...learn about motherhood..your efforts show that you will be a great mom..leave all negativity and just be's one of the most important event of your life.. during my pregnancy I to go through had lots of tension and drama created by MIL..she even did things that I and my husband fight..but my dad and mom kept me sane and the feeling that my child is going to come gave me power..

Aditi Ahuja when its the in laws at least u can openly discus with husband or others but when its ur own parents and family it becomes more difficult as u can't discus it with others neither u can accept the hurt. The expectation of support affection and love is lacking. Luckily my in laws and husband are as supportive as they can be. So can't expect anything mlre from them. But still i miss my own family.

AMRITA MALLIK it's hard to accept I know. I know how it hurts.. But see bright side that your husband and in-laws support you. Please don't think too much at this stage. U give all your love to your baby what u r expecting from your parents. Be happy. God bless you.

Vidya Rathod yes i ll definitely do the best for the baby!

Vidya Rathod is absolutely correct..see this time negativity can affect the just do what you want..stay happy..if God closes one door he opens new one..your husband and in laws support you which is a very good thing..

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