Sleep diaries - Lessons From Week 3

I have always been a light sleeper and never bothered to really have long hours of sleep ever. Pregnancy taught me the importance of power naps and this fourth trimester will be teaching me a lot more about sleep too.; With the c sec throb and a large family with extra large opinions for my Sid, I realized that my key to survival will be proper sleep. Here are the top strategies to help you get some fair enough sleep while mothering your newborn.

1. Draw a line post nursing, for your hubby to swaddle and comfort the baby at night.; don't try to do it all.

2. During the day, even at the oddest hours, tuck in with the sleeping baby and have naps. Don't bother about comments.

3. If you are too sleepy, ask for help to comfort the baby post day feeds as well. You won't become a perfect mom if you stay sleepy and keep rocking the baby.

4. Have power foods. Day fruits and nuts, multigrain rotis, energy inducing soups and smoothies work wonder.; Esp a nighttime mug of milk. Avoid coffee.

5. Avoid cluttering your bed. Give in time to clean and clear your bed area often. No soft toys, excess laundry or anything must be allowed.; Just coz you have a baby, you don't get an excuse to hoard and clutter.

What was your go to sleep mantra during the post partum span? #kolkatamoms #babychakra #expectingmoms #newbornbasics #babychakramoms

With no help around for few days all was a mess... I had to do all... And relieved when went to mom's place... Could sleep like a baby as my baby was handled by Mom

U write so well rupa,; it feels m gone again to tat time of Nov 2017 wen ishu was born...

Bt my 40days after pregnancy were good as I could sleep eat and rest whenever I wanted, my MIL is very nice n caring. she used to give everything in hand,; sleep with me for starting few days to help me with ishu.. my hubby didn't help me till now as much as my MIL helps me.. all thanks to god I used to have sleepful nights cz ishu used to sleep the whole night which she does now also nt often she gets up at around 3 or 4 o'clock sometimes... after tat for 2months I went to my moms place n thr also relaxed completely...; so m very thankful to god. ..

Vry well written..

Vidya Rathod Priya Sood Kritz

Satarupa B Kaur
Wow!! Sata is now experienced mom. Nice tips yaar. I hope people around you are helping you. Hang on many more experiences waiting for u. Keep rocking Sid ki Mumma.

Love you Vidya..U give me lots of power!! Vidya Rathod

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