A surprise from gurnazdeep's papa. Very delicious but i don't know what is it called even he doesn't know what is its name 😂😂😄. Will you please tell me its name.

Aditi Ahuja Madhavi Cholera Kavita Sahany any idea

I want to keep its name happiness.. Food ways it can be fruit and cake twisty

Very nice given by you dear Aditi Ahuja

Its a cup cake dear Vidya Rathod Aditi Ahuja .actually i found the bill today in the pocket of my husband shirt.

Thanks dear Parampreet Kaur's a lovely gesture from your husband..enjoy

Wow.. tats a love dessert ... name it love cup cake.. enjoy dear 💟🎂

What a romantic name love cup cake neha singhal

How sweet! it looks so yummy..we can see cream,fruits,jelly,cake...all together!!

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