I am 8 week pregnant as per my dates.Yesterday doc called for u/s and told only sac is visible and

Don't worry.. we can wait up to 10 weeks for cardiac activity to be seen..

Don't worry heartbeat should be heard in ur next scan. I'm sure ur doc would have asked u to go for other scan in a week or two...

No she just said only sac is visible so there is no chance any more.She even din asked for blood test .She just said u will have a miscarriage.I am all disheartened now listening to her words.

Please ask the doctor about the reason of this incident. Don't be disheartened.

She said sometimes there is no reason to explain.

When was ur LMP ?

Doc din tell me anything seeing my ultrasound what was my lmp but as per me my lmp was 30 may

Is the ultrasound done transvaginally or transabdominal


neha nupur ask ur doc about what could be the possible reason. Sometimes it happens because of chromosomal abnormalities due to which the body doesn't accept the baby. I cam understand ir feelings dear as I too had a miscarriage earlier. Don't feel disheartened this is not the end of the world. Also it's very imp for us to have a positive mindset right from the time we start trying again.. don't let this incident affect u. Remember after a storm there is always a beautiful rainbow waiting for u ahead...

By 8 weeks usually cardiac activity and few of fetal parts can be demarcated..
Though the chance is very less, u can wait a week more to confirm..
But don't get disheartened..
Early miscarriages do happen.. and slow growth is never a good sign..
U can be ready to conceive in less than 6 months again..
What we finally need is a healthy baby right ?

As ur doctor said, early miscarriage could mostly be reason less..
Sometimes genetic causes are the reason.. Don't worry that they will recur in future..
Those babies can't survive even if extended up to 9 months..
Whatever happens is for our good future only..
Stay strong..

I had a similar situation one year back.. No cardiac activity till 9 weeks..
Though I myself am a doctor, I couldn't accept for a long time..
Finally ended up as missed abortion..
Hoping for a healthy pregnancy now..
I hope all good happens to u too..

Thank u for ur support

neha nupur don't worry dear. Hang in there.. we all are here with u.. and prayers for u.. 🙏🙏

Thank u very much

I will pray for u....

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