Sharing my delivery story:

So it was a Saturday... 14th of July....I got extreme cough and cold and kept on coughing and getting will I deliver with so much of cough!!! It was planned earlier that I would be induced on Sunday, 15th of July.

Called up my doctor and she asked me to get admitted immediately!

Well, I got admitted on Saturday and was given heavy doses of I.v. antibiotics so that cough could took the whole of Saturday and Sunday for my cough to subside.

Then came Monday, when the induction process started. I was given 2 tabs of misoprostol in the afternoon and was asked to wait for labour pain to begin. Evening to night, I was in so much tension, every little pain felt like labour was starting! It did start at about 2am.... Mild period like pain....continued increasing till morning...about 6am. Then my Dr came to check me...and said cough is still bad...we need to stop the labour.. then the remaining 2 doses of miso we're stopped! I was like what is she doing with me! Manouvering my labour pain on her finger tips! And by 10am my pain completely subsided. Then I was given some more i.v. antibiotics and just spent the whole day waiting for pain to start on it's own! But it never did. Then came Tuesday morning....I was given oxitocin drip right from 5am in the morning. There were 3 more ladies who were started with drip along with me. All 3 of them delivered within the next 3 hours...I would get news if their delivery...but for me...the pain just did not start! Waited till 6 in the evening but the pain didn't start. I was cursing my doctor for everything she did to me!

Well, came Wednesday, I was started with the drips again from 5am in the morning. Backache was killing me and there were no signs of labour yet! But by 6am, my baby thought enough of torturing my mumma..... Baby's heart rate started showing some distress on the ongoing NST. The junior doc who was monitoring me came into action hurriedly and called up the senior one. She came and immediately decided to take me for LSCS. I was soooo relieved!!! Finally after a wait of 4 days, I will get to see my baby!!! I was taken to OT at 7am, and at 7.24 heard the first cries of my little one... Oyen..oyen... Dr told me congrats its a healthy baby girl...I just asked them to show me the baby once...they did and after that I fell fast asleep!!!! Dr said...I have never seen such a quiet patient! I told her m too tired... Next time I woke up..I was in my room with my husband and all my relatives and the nanhi pari...I had just given birth to... I was a mumma now! 😍😍😍

Omg!! Incredible 😍

Omg....4 days😅....yaha ek hour nikalana mushkil tha

Wow many congratulations Pallavi. not sure if you read, in one of my post I mentioned about this cough. This seriously worsens everything so we need to be careful. Mine was a elective csection so we decided on the date 6th January, 25th December being Christmas we went to bbq nation for lunch and I had heavy lunch🙈 I could not even move a bit 😂 so I gulped down 2 big glasses of chilled masala coke ( waiter did not charge me seeing my tummy). Evening started my cough and chest cold, I was so afraid to call my gyn (mistake 1) home remedies did not work, when I got admitted on 5th night the duty nurse was shocked to see me coughing and said might postpone the csection date but I wanted to to see my baby dint want to wait. So I kept suppressing my cough (mistake 2), as soon as the bBy came out I started to cough. With the stiches the pain was horrible I say and took long time to settle. We need to be really careful about cold and cough on 3rd trimester.

Agree Rebecca... I got cough and cold coz it was raining continuously in Mumbai and I slept at a very low temperature in AC coz then I used to feel very hot. Sawdhani hati..durghatna ghati..😆.just becoz of cough I had to suffer a lot during the delivery...

Wow ..lots of blessings to h lo... 😍

Thanks for sharing your delivery story. Take care dear. AMRITA MALLIK Kritz Mrs Chhoker

Omg ... 4 days really stressful dear but scary too. gosh..
Rebecca Prakash my goodness cough and pain together terrible combo.. hats off to u both ...
Tale care dear.. Blessings for the lil baby angel...

Vidya Rathod thanks u for tagging.. reading all this helps us understand what we should not ignore..

Vidya Rathod a lot of thanks to u for tagging me. As even i am feeling so hot that i sleep at very low temp in ac even when its raining and cool outside. And am entering 3rd trimester, i really need to b careful. I was also planning on bbq nation this gone weekend and thought of going for it in the upcoming weekend Rebecca Prakash with cough and stitches stretching it would have been so difficult i can imagine. How much time did the stictches take to heal?

AMRITA MALLIK with the baby I really don't remember when it got cured. But please be careful about cold and cough in 3rd trimester.

Rebecca Prakash yes i ll b careful. And really does the coming of the baby have so emotionally calming effects that u forgot the stretching stitches pain?

It got worse for me because cough was subsided with antibiotics.....after lscs, I underwent thermal injury of the OT....cough reappeared in full swing!!! So it was really horrible with stitches and cough for 2 days....I was in bed completely and couldn't even hold my baby. Even started breast feeding after 2 days.... That's another story all together...

My baby was taken to nursery for top feed every time after her birth as I just cudnt get up...but the nurses kept insisting that I shud breastfeed because I was getting milk... I cudnt gather energy to breastfeed. It went on like this for 2 days...on the 3rd morning, when my mother took my baby to nursery for top feed, the nurse completely denied giving any milk to my baby saying ur daughter shud breastfeed.... My baby kept crying... I just don't know where I got the energy from! I got up....with antibiotic drip continuously going on....pulled my hand so that I cud hold my baby....there was blood in the whole pipe which carried drip...still I felt no pain.... And thereby i started...breastfeeding.... ☺️ Happy to share my baby is on exclusive breast feed now...

Congratulations on successful breast feeding dear @pallavi

Congratulations 🎉

I almost got teary eyed reading your post.. thnak God everything went well and you and baby both were fine.. Antt bhala toh sab bhala :)


Oh god so much of pain. .. bt ur baby's face might have vanished all ur pain right??; So sweetly u have written..

Congratulations Pallavi.. i am expecting delivery in ten days...hope to see my baby soon and healthy

Thanks AMRITA MALLIK , Priti Raghuvanshi , @pallavi, Aditi Ahuja , Neela R Kodur , neha singhal , prakruti Pathik.... Sure u will prakruti...
@neha: yes...just hearing her first cries made me relax a lot and after seeing the face to main so hi gayi! 😄

Congratulations Pallavi and hats off to you... hugs to the cutie....
I dont know how I am going to handle all this. Today my gynac has done; the internal examination and I was not able to tolerate that even. I told my Mom that I really dont know whether I will be able to handle the labour pain.... As the date is coming closer, it is becoming so scary for me....

Neha Singh : don't u worry dear.... U ll get the strength automatically that time...God does something so that we get huge amount of strength... M afraid of even taking an injection...still cud do it..toh any mother can do it... Cheers.. 🤗🤗

@Pallavi thanku so much dear... just hoping for the best....😊😊

@pallavi. . so sweet...; Mai to 24hrs K baad hi dekhi thi apni beti ko tab tak sirf pic hi dekhi thi. .

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