Just saw a video of Sis Shivani , so simple things beautifully explained. ..

Everything we do and think is so important , especially our thoughts ..

You create a positive thougt and send / generate a high frequency vibration and that seems to travel to everyone ..It is so positive and pure that it can even cure a bad or depleted soul. You can change people's attitude by sending pure and positive vibrations ..

Let's all create a positive thoughts even for the people who have done wrong to us and see the Change . .I have done it several times and got a positive results ..

Even if you don't see that they immediately start behaving well or changing their attitude , you will atleast notice that you are no longer effected by any ones rude or negative attitude towards you cause you yourself are a pure Soul!!

Clicked this picture while dropping my Diva in the school bus ..

I just love the Silver lining ..the daybreak ...the scintillating rays of the sun peeping from the clouds ..

It's such a positive feeling ...

Khushboo Chouhan Priya Sood Aditi Ahuja AMRITA MALLIK Kritz

Woowwww such lovely thoughts to begin the day with... Clicked this enroute office from train...

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That's lovely Kritz ..
What phone or camera ??

Kavita Sahany I don't have a professional cam so I use my mobile only but the settings which I do are manual not the automatic ones. Thank u dear... 🤗

Thanks dear 😊😊

Beautiful thought. Much needed

Beautiful thoughts and pictures..much needed on a are a born photographer dear Kritz

Aditi Ahuja; thank u dear.. but still a long way to go for me..; learning new things whenever I get time...

That's really nice dear Kritz must follow your dreams.. I know you have it in you to make the best of it..see it's like achcha student kisi bhi school me achchaa karega so see with mobile only you have done something which even people with SLR can't do..

True Aditi Ahuja's real creativity ...

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