The last weekend was a series of small small football matches.. n to top it I was so happy that finally weekend has set in so I will get to sleep a Lil longer..

But guess my baby had different plans.. it woke me up with kicks around 3am to 4am on both the days.. "maybe it was wondering y is mom sleeping soo much rest of the days she has to go to office.. hmm maybe she forgot so let me wake her up.. "

😁😁😁😀😀😀 these babies are really gonna keep us on our toes. I can already sense that!

Yeah I think so AMRITA MALLIK .. plus get to hear that now a days mostly all babies are super active... Guess we would lose our pregnancy weight running behind them n feeding them..; (how I wish 😉😉😜)

Kritz yeah all my relatives are saying so too, whenever i am sulking over my weight issues.

My experience: lost 6kg weight in just 10 days....after delivery...I guess the things that are helping me... Consumption of warm water Everytime I need to drink, doing all the chores of baby myself... Bathing...massaging....medicines..changing diaper..potty cleaning...though under the supervision of mom.... And above all breastfeeding.
So don't worry about weight issues dearies... It will go off.. enjoy ur pregnancy time...u ll miss it.. ☺️☺️

I think all kids are behaving same way Kritz
I can relate so much.. my baby starts to kick as soon as i feel sleepy or i m in deep sleep 😂 and dat too sometimes the force is so high that i feel i m shaking

My gulu gulu shaking his/her body around 3-4am n I just woke with shocked what happened 🤔🤔😀😀

That really good to hear dear now m waiting for my baby kicks

Hey ladies enjoy this phase because as soon as the baby will arrive u will long for sleep.. dealing wid it ryt soon as I go to sleep my LO wakes up.. and then again the cycle starts feed and make her sleep ..and then wen I try to sleep she wakes up again..bade log kehte Hain na "maa aise hi bnai bann jate.." so ENJOY as much as u can..happy pregnancy 💖

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