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Topic: Self belief and Confidence. Do we have enough. If not why?

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ritu singhal Prakash Satarupa B Kaur asha chaudhry Richa Chowdhary Revauthi Rajamani Neha Vij Khushboo Chouhan Priya Sood Sonam patel Nilofer M Akshaya Naresh Prachi Aditi Ahuja; Neha Mani Mishra Satarupa B Kaur Madhavi Cholera Khushboo Chouhan Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Abhilasha Jaiswal Sania Bhushan Varsha rao Amardeep Singh Bhavna Anadkat Mrs Chhoker Richa Choudhary KritiVika asha chaudhry Priya Sood Vidya Rathod Taheseen Asif Priya Dubey Sriparna Banerjee Thakurta Mariyum Aaquib Kritz Shanaya Chandani Pathak Harshmita Walia Archita Bhattacharjee Kavita Sahany Resham Java Abhilasha Paul Rebecca Prakash Sriparna Banerjee Thakurta Cheni Adukia Amardeep Mann Akanchha Pandey asha choudhary Kritz KritiVika asha chaudhry Bulti Paul

Swati Upadhyay; thanks for the tag..
Let me start by telling about what is self belief and confidence... It means trusting ur own self and ur own decisions, judgements etc. Having this automatically helps us have self confidence.;
As I always say that I'm the Black Sheep of my family (dad's side relatives always n still think of me this way) right from birth this tag is there with me coz they wanted a boy not a gal. They had harressd my mom during her pregnancy etc. In school I had dropped out in 9th std as was unable to give final exams due to jaundice, they thot I would into clear 10th which I did wide flying colors that's when I recognised my confidence.. I always m still am compared to my sis who u can say is replica of pretty zinta. For me there were always rules as to what to do n what not to do. Post college they that I would need their ref(as they know few biggies of town) to get into n MBA college but I got in on my own. Again for first job they expected I would need them but again I got one on my merit. They said as I don't look good n as I don't have qualities I wouldn't find a good husband n family. Once again I proved them wrong..
So plz plz trust urself. Here is what I did n still do when in doubt - list all my past achievements
- seek people who are positive in nature.
-make tiny changes and think of all the fears u have overcome.
-make sure to celebrate ur tiny small successes..
-adopt/change a habit of urs..
I'm sure all of us have the power and self belief only at times we need someone to come and give us a lil push.. #communitycuddles #cuddle

superb Kritz !! very very well written dear!

Madhavi Cholera; personal experiences always help dear..

Well said Kritz !!!

I have seen many women in office and in their own homes. They do doubt themselves. Sometimes I do too.....but why? Is it because our exposure is different than others? Our confidence is attached to a belief that others set.....we doubt ourselves at times...we are just a home maker!!! We are a home maker and that's a tough job.... tougher other iobs.

Awwww Kritz you are very beautiful, I was really thinking how Beautiful this girl is when I saw your lipstick pic in another post.

Sahi khaha Kritz 👍 you are beautiful dear

Kritz u are so beautiful. 'Kuch toh log kahenge' nahi 'log toh kuch bhi kahenge' u are an achiever and u ll always be. U inspired me a lot with this post. Even my family downgrades me like this for looks and studies. They still do because i couldnt get through a govt medical college.

Kritz this is so amazing the way u pen down your life experiences in just few lines.u are a definitely a strong and beautiful women inside and out.i am sure people attached to u they do love and care for u unconditionally and they know what all you had achieved in your u said all we need is self belief...stay strong!!!

Hey Kritz logo ka kaam to bolna hi hai Maine b bohot kuch suna hai saha hai,; will write soon bt haar K aage jeet hai 😊😁 air Hume jeet K hi dikhana hai sabko hamesha...

Hugs to you dear Kritz and it's incredible how you have battled through all this and be there..where you are's really difficult to handle this when it comes from people who should have actually helped you build your confidence and self esteem.. I feel we all women from time to time sometimes as daughter..other times as DIL..wife.. mother have to keep prooving our worth..its like Zindagi bhar exam hi hai...but believe me things which we build on our own have a very solid foundation.. Banda bindaas ho jaata hai..risk le sakta hai..kuch bhi fight and face kar sakta hai.. ..who said Preeti zinta is more beautiful than you.. I find you more attractive.. beauty can have different meanings and parameters for different photograph like write so well.... I have been through this period of loss of self confidence and self worth Courtsey my MIL.. ... I was a double gold husband had tried for almost 4 years to woo me for marriage but just next day of my MIL started and then for years through different ways started making me feel that I am dark complexioned...and not as good looking as she wanted.. except her all ladies in my in laws family (have a big family) loved me..i did everything to make her happy but in vain..she didn't buy anything for me in marriage because as per her I was not good.. in 2 years after marriage, every time I was made to feel that I can't cook well also.. I had taken all this to heart.. was in depression..lost a lot of things and then decided to start for people who love me..and for myself too..and I allowed karma to do it's job and from my own eyes I saw justice being don't worry neither good deeds go waste..nor bad..just be Happy and's one life only..

Priya Sood thanks dear...Rebecca Prakash Taheseen Asif AMRITA MALLIK Nitika Chopra neha singhal; thank u all so much my virtual family... This means a lot to me. N yes it's people's job to downgrade n pinpoint u. But as long as we believe in ourselves we can definitely overcome many things..; Aditi Ahuja omg u have seriously delt; with alot. And I'm happy that u have overcome all this n let time n karma play it's part... Love u all.. 😘💗🤗

I love these cuddles!!!
So when any of our moms feel low on confidence just post....share how you feel with us

Kritz dear u r very beautiful in and out. Aditi Ahuja we know u r such a strong women. After marriage I also faced the same issues as all my 4 sil's mod. I am very simple girl, shy, never talked too much and mind my own business. All of a sudden I entered a big family, my mil was sweet initially but as day goes she left no chance to show am worth nothing. I am a double graduate in mathematics and I was working for one MNC company. She made to resign my job and sit in home. From having food to stepping out of home I have to ask her permission.For everything I do she has problem. In front of relatives she use to tell this girl don't know any work though I use to do all work from morning 5 to night 11. Some times I thought of ending my life when I can't handle depression. I use to cry simply. I lost my weight and started look like patient. Everybody started to ask have suffered any major disease. Thanks to my hubby who understood what's going on and stood by me. Now also she says so much behind me. Now I learnt to let it go. I am confident about myself and I believe myself.

Vidya Rathod my gosh.. hats off to u dear... We sometimes overdoo ourselves in order to prove our worth to others.. n in this process we lose our identify.. but I'm happy u over came all this.. #cuddlestou

Thanks dear life taught me so much that I become deaf to the negativity.

HeyKritz dear u r so beautiful ..jise v tum beautiful nhi lgti thi wo aankho k saath andhe honge...
Logo ka to kaam hi dusro ka confidence down krna hota h.i m happy ki you are a strong girl

U r beautiful inside... Outside. Kritz

Kritz Vidya Rathod u guys are inspiration to many mom's... I get confidence now I can share my experience also

Priya Dubey Eliza Rashmi Choudhury; thank u all of u..

Thanks so much everyone and Vidya Rathod we are too soul sister's on MIL hurts for a lifetime that when you have been good to people why can't they be good to you..but end of the day it's our loss.. thinking of all in better chuk it each day and let karma deal with such people..

Rashmi Choudhury thanks dear. Please share your experiences u will feel better. Because we can't share our feeling anywhere else.

Aditi Ahuja feeling is mutual. Yes we share so many things in common.😍

Hey Kritz ur more beautiful than pretty zinta.. Hardwork, n confidence make us strong to achieve our goals.. no need relatives if v got bst frnd Lyk mother ..

Aditi Ahuja same issue I faced in my sasural for year..

I can understand dear Shruti Budihal's heart breaking. We all are beautiful in.our own way...because no one is perfect in this world..we all have our strengths and short comings...fair color it any such thing can't be the parameter of being good no one has a right to tell other person that too before looking inside their own collar that you are not perfect ..may be we also find 100 things not upto our liking with them..its just that good people value the person and love and respect them.. accept them as they are and others can't see beyond one or two things..

Aditi Ahuja big hug to u dii😘😘.. can't explain sm situation 😕.. but nw m happy staying in nuclear family ..

Good dear Shruti Budihal happy for you..

Shruti Budihal thank u dear.. yes it was n is only my mom who has the confidence in me.. yes all that u have faced is as bad as anyone elses situation. We need to remind ourselves daily that we all are beautiful n unique in the way we are..

Hats off moms.. u all r beautiful, the eyes which see only bad can never see good.. I dnt know if I handled this from childhood or teenage bt I feel very bad about this. I even fought with god many times, cried, struggled bt all in vain..
M nt talking about sasural or anything else it's my own fight, m a lil less in height so I had to listen to Ppl's tantrums the outside world teasing etc.. Bt web it came to job n professional world no one ever commented on my physical appearance they all found it good n OK n this gave me confidence otherwise I was nt willing to study after 10th bt my mom gave me all confidence tat m nothing less than anyone n u have to study,; make ur life.. I thought I would never get married too bt god also made my soulmate so we found each other at the age of 30, no problem bt we think we r perfect for each other.. n as told by aditi no one is perfect so am I,; god has given me whatever I have so still if Ppl tell me something on height or anything else I simply smile n give this and "Bhagwan ne mujhe banaya hai,; jo b hai ye hi hai aur koi perfect nahi hota" still some of the in laws comment or say anything jokingly so I also make fun of wat they lack cz world is like tat,; they dnt understand hw we feel until it comes back to them.; So never feel tat u r anything less than anyone. m nt brave at times bt I will surely make my daughter very brave n god will help me..

Wow..dear neha singhal you are amazing and so said correctly that untill it comes back to people they don't understand how hurt the other person feels.. I always tell my daughter that we are born with what God has given us...if someone is very pretty it's not something he or she has done on his or her own....but what we do in our life..what we become as persons and how we treat others and what we achieve is our make the best of it..

neha singhal hugs to you dear. You are not less than anyone because of height. It has to be your character which need to set height for you.

Rightly said Aditi Ahuja always teach good to kids cz world is full of bad Ppl, even I will teach ishu the same.. be good n dnt compare. . Comparison is what I dnt like..

So true Vidya Rathod bt at tat age we dnt understand this n feel like we r something less bt life's experience teaches everything jus u should have the guts to learn..

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