Live QnA- 31st July


Are you also worried about your toddler's behavior and his/her development? Come and ask all your questions regarding this topic with our expert Dr. Mandar Patkar. He will be there on the app to answer all your queries!

Name : Dr Mandar N. Patkar

Topic: Behavioural And Developmental Problems In Toddler's

Date: 31st July 2018

Timing: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Designation: M.D. in Homoeopathy

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Thanks Swati for tagging...would definitely attend the session

Hi Dr. Mabdar. Thank you for this session. My son is 5 years old. I would like your advice on how I can maintain a healthy and trusting relationship with him. I notice he copies some of his friends and says ..I can't tell you. How do I ensure we communicate?

My daughter is 2 years very arrogant and stubborn

My baby through milk sometimes while burping.i m worried .plz suggest

She will not accept anything how to convince her

Hi pls give advice what all things I need to take care of for him growth n proper development.?he is 1 month n 10 days old now.

#Askmandar Hello sir... My son is one year old. He's still 7.5 kg. He won't eat anything. What I have to do for this?

#askmandar ; hi sir,; how can I increase my baby's weight he is 3months old.; And he is breastfed; regularly
His weight is 5.8 as of now. And After vaccination how to reduce pain for baby

@priya ... he seems to be impressionable child . Getting impressed with other friends and copies them .
do not scold him but try to be more friendly with him
andsee he will start sharing with you

Deepa ... if you and your family is pampering her more then its obvious ... dont allow her to rule ... she dont have that capacity now to know whats right and wrong .. but you definitely have it .

Roshni ... throwing milk sometimes is normal .not to worry

Deepa ... if your daughter is not accepting the things ... then dont try to convince her that time ... but when she is in good mood that time tell her

Rachana sharma ... give him proper feeding till 1 year
After 6 months you can start home food
Even with some suppliments if needed

Two year old kid she is furious angry and always cry for everything to done her needs

Hello Dr. my daughter is 2 years old and is developing hive/skin rashes on and off. She has it for 1 month now. What can permanent solution?

My daughter is not putting weright at all now she is 2 years oly 9 kg

Sravani Muttigi ... he is bit under weight
pls start dates .figs .almond paste with milk
also fruit
still not improving then he needs homoeopathy for his digestion problem

#askmandar .. Hlo sir.. My baby is going to be 3 month old on 4th August.. She has very fussy nature... She cry very loud and hard... Her vagina seems to be swelled as compare to others.....and she used to sleep night she not used to sleep.. I visited paediatric.. He said everything seems ok... I need ur advice

Shilpa D ... weight of your baby should be 3 times the weight @ birth at 1 year
means if he is 3 kg at birth then he should be 9 kg at 1 year .
And for vaccination
apply ice and give symptomatic treatment
and give only those vaccins which are recomanded by world health organisation .

#askmandar ...
Hello sir thank u for this session....
My son is 10 months old ..
N he sometimes slaps on my face ...
N even sometimes hits me harder ...
Wanna know the reason..
N sometimes he becomes so hyper active n doesn't sit or stands in one place ...what may be the reason behind this behavior

Hello son is 21 months old. He gets angry sometimes when we do not give him whatever he asks for. In the process he hits his cheeks n tries to hit us also. How to control such behaviour. Otherwise he is a restless chap and even obeys us.

Hi doctor my son is 9months old he is having so much of anger that if i say not to do anything he repeatedly do that. And he gets angry on small small things and gets red he shouts as well.and his diet is also not increasing.what to do i am worried

Deepa .. she needs proper medicines to get rid of her tantrums

She always wake up after 1 hour... She couldn't sleep more than that at a time.. And wakeup with sudden and loud cry.. M worried

Prashant ... the rash could be allergic or atopic dermatitis
She needs proper homoeopathic treatment for permanant cure

#askmandar hello sir...
Is baby make eye wide on any loud vechicle horn what it means??
When babay turn to sound..
At agr of 3month baby make eye wide on hearing loud voice or sound..?
Do they respond to soft voice??

Kusum .. crying loud shows some sort of discomfort
It can be due to pain in abdomen or while urination or while passing stool .
The language of baby is crying
and if she is crying loud that shows that she needs your attention ..she needs to be carried .
And see for problem of gases also .
Still not well then we can give her homoeopathic treatment

Mahi .. these can be signs of hyperactive baby
Observe him if you notice that he is not concentrating properly then he needs homoeopathic treatment for that

this is a obstinate behaviour of your child .
dont fulfill all his demands
Because fulfilling all the demands makes them more stuborn

I want to ask that my baby is 21month old

And hwr weight is 8.3

#askmandar he is concentrating in playing... even he loves to watch birds n animals...but sometimes in masti while snuggling with me on bed ...he starts to beat or slap me ... reason behind this

What to do 4 weight gain

Big problem is that she doesn't eat i do to much but she run away

Nidhi ... this is a common problem now a days .
the hyperactive and destructive behaviour is increasing .
So try not to fulfill all his demands ... let him throw tantrums .. but when he is n good mood then tell him good things

Thanks sir...

#askmandar ...hello dr my daughter is 13 months old she doesn't eat properly and puts out every from her mouth. She likes more of sweet food rather than salty. Sometimes she bites everyone with her teeth and hands. Kindly suggest

Sir please rly

Heena ... making eyes wide means baby id afraid and sensitive .
Dont worry baby can properly respond to soft voice too

Mahi ... that is his restless behaviour ... he needs to be busy all the time . Energy level is high .. so needs to chanalize it .. else they do such things

#askmandar sir so it means baby responded to sound by making eye wide?

Priyanka ... not eating well is a very common problem .. though your child is running away .. you should not get carried away with her ... take all controll .be little strict and she should know that certain things needs to be fulfilled .so strictly feed her .

Sunita .. your daughter is absolutely fine .. no worries :)

sunita .. you can start with few sweet things for her to make her feel comfortable while eating

Heena .. yes baby can respond in that way

Now a days we see only one kid in a family and all try to fulfill all the demands of the child ;this makes child more obstinate .he or she does not learn to accept defeat or loss .
They cant accept NO from any one .. this increases problem
secodly parents expects more things from them
for eg .. a father or mother had got 70% marks in school but they expect 95% from their child .. thats creates problem
gazets like tv ,mobile ,video games have added some trouble ... which makes children restless and impatient

#askmandar Hi sir...if I scold him he will beat himself or he will hit walls very rudely with his head. How can I stop this kind of behavior in him.

Behaviuoral problems of child is mainly depends on
1 heriditory
2 Environmental conditions
3 food and habits
4 sleeping pattern
5 atmosphere in home .

Sravani ... child do such things to seek attention and to get his things done according to his wish
but if you ignore that then they realize that this trick is not going to work .
so dont pay attention when he is doing such things ...
no child will harm self ... becasue they cant take the pain .... they do it just to get attention .
and always be firm on your stand ... let him change ... because moulding is good in this age.
he should learn to listen NO from others

#askMandar..Thank you so much for your suggestions.

My baby is 18 months old...she is afraid my new person or so many people come near her and she nly says mama n papa..

#askmandar sir... My daughter is 4 months old and recently she has started resisting her sleep.. she fights like anything in order to stay awake.. how should I make her sleep?? And how can I stop her doing this..? Please suggest

Hello son is 14 days old when he drinks milk he creates sound while having it and sometimes when he sleeps den it something worry about ...

Helo sir, my son is 3.1 yr old.... Aj Kal bahut irritated sa ho gaya hai.... Kuch Khana nahi hai, bath bhi nahi lena.... Bhai k sath khelna hai but kabhi Marta hai kabhi kuch even aj uski mam na bhi kaha class main bacho ko Marta hai

#askmandar my baby is preemie ..he is doing fine milestone wise.. he is 23 months now..has started speaking , what I have seen is he cries very often .when not given or accepted certain things , and is unable to concentrate long time on teaching alphabets or number , he tends to repeat certain thing and then he learns , but he is not interested in any sequence or structural learning. Is this normal or it can be resolved ?

Its too early to see whether baby has any behavioural or learning disorder .
if the same trend follows after a year ... then we need to take action .
At present he is normal

its a sign of ADHD
Its a hyperactivity disorder
He needs proper homoeopathic treatment

Firdos .. its normal
not to worry :)

Hello Doctor,
Humbly I want to ask you that my daughter is 16 months old.And she is suffering from thyroid.Doctors of Apollo Kolkata said due to thyroid her growth is delayed for 6 months.Her ligament is also soft and till now she is not able to stand or walk without support.I am really worried for her growth and development.Her weight 8kg and her height 74 cm is constant since from 9 months.

Pls start homoeopathy for her
Homoeopathy has fantastic results in such cases .

My baby is 3 month old... And she is not sleeping at night yet... Wt to do?

Hello Dr.
My baby is 9 months old he make faces like as if he is giving some pressure suddenly while playing or babbling, this concern me because at time it is because he is fatting or pooping or peeing but at times it is none of the above.... and he is being doing this very often lately... why is he doing that eeeeehhhh sound in full pressure without a reason that too suddenly.... is it a symptom of some other underlying illness?

Hello Dr, my baby 3 month old having weight 5 kg and at d time of birth his weight 2.2 kg, he hear large sound only like balloon motorcycle but he not notice small sound

Hi sir my baby is 10 month old.he is 8. kg..plz tell me what to do to gain his waight...

8 kg at 10 month is absolutely normal .
He is growing properly .
Continue the same diet

Ok thanks sir

Pritam .. at the age of 1 year weight of baby should be 3 times the birth weight .
secondly if baby is not responding to small sounds then get it checked
With ENT

One more question sir, when sudden change in environment he have fever and cold, also he cry lots; having some scare during night

At this stage he smiling, talking / making different sound,; when we put on tommy he try to move . Is it k as per his stage

His immunity is less
Else normal

He is per term baby, to increase it wht should I do

after 6 months start with almond .fig and dates paste
Also give fruits
And if still not improving then start a homoeopathic treatment

#askmandar hi sir, my daughter is 9 months old. She doesn't like solid food so much will have just 4 or 5 bites. She is mostly on formula milk is that okay ? Can I start cow milk for her if yes do I need to dilute . She even gets up in the middle of night coz her stomach is not full . Her weight is 9 .5 kg. Is this normal for her age ? Thank you so much sir.

Hello sir
Can you please help with my query

its a sign of abdominal discomfort .
in some cases gases gets accumulatedand cant pass .. so it gives sudden pressure on abdomen causing acute abdominal pain.
Consult your doctor for that

Dr.Mandar Patkar waiting for your reply .

yes its normal at this stage

Your baby's weight is absolutely normal
you can give cow milk and no need to dilute as it is already thinner than buffalo milk
if she dont take solid food then make an habit of giving her solid food because she may not eat it in future .
change her habit forcefully

Sir how shud I give my baby dry food powder..n wat to add in dis..

He is 10 month old..

Dont give dry food powder .
Give her what you all are eating . But less spicy . Mild food

Thank you so much Doctor Dr.Mandar Patkar .

My son is 3.6yers old. I was some days show my son Mohit is no mix With other kid group and every play game he want to I am win but some times he not win so he crying.our toyes not given his friends. One more his friend Play other friends he is jealous. I worried his behavior so Pls suggest me.

This is a kind of aggrasive behaviour .. you need to teach him about winning and loosing a game . And tell him that its just a game . it will increase his ability to accept the reality .
do not fulfill all his wish .
but at the same time give him small tasks and then appreciate him for his work .
This will help him

Hello doctor. My daughter is 3 years old she is adamont she will not listen to anyone . For everything she needs me. She doesn't want her father to feed , dress change etc . Please let me how to deal with that so that she will listen to her father and others.

This is a kind of clinging to mother
tell your husband to spend more time with her so that the bond will be strong .
Also not just spending time but give attention to her what she is saying .
dont scold her for small small things .. then gradually she will listen

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