We all desired a particular kind of life since our childhood, Isn't it?

Share with us, how is your life different from what you had imagined?

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I thought after marriage i would get a supportive family but i didn't get. I think doing government job for a lady after marriage is a curse if the family members are not supportive. In laws only want to see a daughter in law in the kitchen. I m very open minded but my in laws are not .🙁🙁

In laws and siyappa go hand in hand.

Never wanted to leave my job..but I; have to...and always wanted have little more understanding and supportive in laws family.

Well said girls.. I too wanted a supportive system.and people who valued the other person..were a bit giving by nature and also circumstances which help one in continuing ones career..

Wanted happy understanding n non judgemental in-laws n supportive husband but got very much judgemental in-laws husband is supportive but only in some matters in der parents matter not at all supportive

my hubby is Vry much supportive. .MIL she knows hw much I sacrificed..but still she doesn't support me. . Hopefully I got such Nc BIL n sis. .kaise khush Kare MIL ko.. Jo bhi Karti Hun usmain hamesha kharabhi dhudte hai.. bus kitchen baithe Raho. .

I have the exact life I dreamt of a loving caring hubby n a cute son. I m satisfied just one thing left, just want to get back to job n focus on my work.

Alot different...... Prsonally whatever I thought of

Hmmm with regards to support my husband and in laws do support me. But there is lack of freedom as eg if I want to decorate the house in a way it's difficult to convince them, also if I want to organise the kitchen or house I can't, I will have lots of interference I'm rasing my kid I'm sure n my husband won't take my side then I'm sure of this....

Same here kritz

I’m a big tym dreamer.!! I dreamt abt a lot of things.. bt my lyf is completely opposite of wat I dreamt

Absolutely right Satarupa B Kaur

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