Power is an amazing thing to have!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? and how would you use it?

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Knowing the future!

To make a safe n corruption free India to live in.

I should hear what others thinking in mind. I can check whether they are true or fake 😂

I would bring back my mom from heaven :(

Rachana Bhandari darling parents are always with us just remember them and they will always show you by one way or other that they are near you. I have experienced it

I want to have a super power of teaching a lesson to people who molest women and children..who do injustice..cheat others..and who make other people unhappy!!..

I would want the super power to teach all the bad people who physically n emotionally hurt , abuse, torment women n leave their gal child lying around the roads n garbage n those who do child trafficking.

If I have super power I want to give only only happiness and joyful life and filled with sweetness life to my little darling neyan

To cure illness and sufferings .

I want the superpower to read d brain and to hit them for thinking wrong for anyone but that don't hit me back like that power

I want a superpower by which everyone on earth becomes equal wealth wise n those u do wrong with women have to be given strict punishment like death or equally ..

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