Will this matter from a year now???

Play a game called as - "time warp" where in all u have to do is imagine that whatever situations u r dealing with r not happening now rather a year from now..

& Then ask urself a simple Q - "is this situation so big the way I'm making it to be??"

Be it an argument, a mistake, a lost opportunity,work related rejection,illness etc.. chances are a year from now all these situations will be irrelevant.. right.. I'm sure this game won't solve all ur problems but I'm confident it can give u different perspective all together. Sometimes the things I crib about now after playing this game I find myself laughing on them..Then I realise I'm unnecessary wasting my energy,time n feeding on to these negative things..

I'm already in the process of trying it. If u also find it good enough n wishing to try.; So try n let me know.;;

- an excrept from Don't Sweat the Small stuff...

True... present became past in future and past doesn't effect at all😁

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