Sharing my next scene of my story bedore that m going little back that is before reet was born...

Me and my husband as a couple were staying alone and our parents were far way from us staying in their respective we were enjoying our days.everyone says perfect couple and I thought that too...I already mentioned I am a day dreamer always dreams about future, making day starts with by seeing my hubby's face ends with it ... after marriage my whole world is only him and that four walls usually we called it home...he was always with me even in my day dreams too ,in each and every thought and soon he became my weakness...

Now come to Day22 to Day40_reet where we both was started ignoring each other...I was still struggling for body was not completely recovered.. whenever I see my reet's face my tears started rolling down, sometimes on her face and sometimes absorbed in was there when my single tear drop bothers him he can't see me sad he always tries to make me feel special and Happy...but now nothing matter to him...he never asked why m sad..he never wiped my tears too ...our life's graph was going down and we were not at all a perfect couple now...I couldn't able to take care of myself,my body,my mind,my daughter ... soon depression caught me and I was trapped by sorrow...

People who knows me if u ask them how I am then they'll say she is strong girl never seen crying her..she is not weak at all..but opp..of that I am and when it comes about my hubby even his name ,his thought makes me weak I realized this when I came to my mom's place..we were never apart from each other since from my marriage and this is the first time I am so far from my husband physically as well as emotionally.... depression was killing me inside Mom's place I forgot to eat,to sleep sometimes I forgot to feed reet too...I became a carless mom to my daughter...only thinking about my hubby and what happened with us...I was in that state of mind were I planned to commit suicide 2 times..yes I planned that too and I tried ...girl who is afraid of injection is trying suicide I failed ...

This whole scene was completed within one month...when my breast milk supply goes low and my daughter reet cried continuously with empty stomach... trying to express milk but that too not fills her she was crying again again I switched to formula then I realized what is happening with me and my daughter....I literally knowingly killing myself ...not able to take care of reet...where as I am only the source for her ...that moment changed me ...

Then I ate well maintained my diet and milk supply was also increased..tried to be Happy and smile in front of everyone nd specially reet... slowly I gathered confidence and decided to go back to my home with one question why this was happened with me

I know everyone is waiting for reason but I thought it was unfair if m not gonna write all this was my side of story... remember each coin is having 2 sides...

There is another side too of this story will share in my next post...

Sorry if I am wasting all of URS time by elaborating my story I really find difficult to complete it in few lines..



ritu singhal Prakash Satarupa B Kaur asha chaudhry Richa Chowdhary Revauthi Rajamani Neha Vij Khushboo Chouhan Priya Sood Sonam patel Nilofer M Akshaya Naresh Prachi Aditi Ahuja; Neha Mani Mishra Satarupa B Kaur Madhavi Cholera Khushboo Chouhan Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Abhilasha Jaiswal Sania Bhushan Varsha rao Amardeep Singh Bhavna Anadkat Mrs Chhoker Richa Choudhary KritiVika asha chaudhry Priya Sood Vidya Rathod Taheseen Asif Priya Dubey Sriparna Banerjee Thakurta Mariyum Aaquib Kritz Shanaya Chandani Pathak Harshmita Walia Archita Bhattacharjee Kavita Sahany Resham Java Abhilasha Paul Rebecca Prakash Sriparna Banerjee Thakurta Cheni Adukia Amardeep Mann Akanchha Pandey asha choudhary Kritz KritiVika asha chaudhry Bulti Paul AMRITA MALLIK Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) Jayalakshmi Nair

Good dear you have shared your feeling stay strong always we all are here to listen anything you feel you can always share

Hi dear. After delivery it is hard time to recover from physically ND mentally. I saw my friend faced same situation. But u should be strong. I think ur husband is expecting more love from u be in this time, boys won't express their feeling, may be tat case he kept quite ND he may feel tat he is unable to help u. Now this is hard time for u, u should show love ND affection more on ur husband ND on ur daughter also. Pls don't commite suicide ND also think of ur family dear. Without u ur family is pls don't try tat. I know definitely u'll solve ur problem by urself. Show more love on ur family. In couple of weeks u'll see the change ND miracle in ur family.

My friend, pregnancy and after delivery is a very important time. Keep your loved ones close. Keep talking to us for anything you feel

Dear.. I know it's easy to say but difficult to face it all alone.. but now is the time u should not think of suicide n all after all u have u beautiful angelic daughter with u.. don't let all this negatively impact it daughter... She still has a long way to go.. and u r the best person to show her that life is not all that bad.. though we have ups n downs we need to keep going and beyond the storm there is always a rainbow waiting for us... We all are here. U feel any thing negative do let us know.. we are with u

Hugs to you dear.. I always believe that the one who goes through a particular situation or bad phase in life is the best judge of it and understands and knows ki us par Kya beeti thi..but dear suicide is not a solution..specially when a small life depends on you. post delivery many of us mom's have faced a very difficult time physically and emotionally..also each person's sensitivity level is different..some want more love, care, pampering, support etc..some can do with little for a woman and wife changes after baby..for husband's too it's a change.. sometimes we feel unloved..uncared for and misunderstood..our expectations are higher than what we get..may be we give too much in a relationship and other person gives but not that much..but most importantly..see jaan hai to jahaan hai..and try and be happy..take care of yourself and your kid.. things will change for good..have faith and hope..if love is real it can pass any test and win..

Thank u for sharing such a brave post rashmi! Stay strong and stay positive. Love and hugs to u :)

Thanks for sharing! Stay strong dear.

Rashmi,hugs to you..I guess,you must now know that a woman is much more powerful than she knows. Motherhood unleashes a very string side of a women. More power to you and reet 💐

This is the only place where i am getting so much inspiration. Thank you Rashmi and all other moms who are brave enough to handle such situations of life as well as more brave to share it with us. After reading all this i am realising what is the highest height of uncertainty in this life. I have a loving husband and good in laws now but nobody can say what is going to happen post partum. If something like this happens to me then i ll b left all alone with baby and babychakra.

Huge hugs to u dear....nvr Think of suicide wtevr d condition is as u ve a big responsibility of ur little light reet... n dats gud k u overcome both tym n recovered.... dese r phases of lyf giving bad n gud experiences....we r always dere to listen ur thought.... n comfort n soothe u ...b strong n care ur princess... n luking frwrd to nxt side of coin.....

AMRITA MALLIK; b positive darling... nvr thnk negative... alwAys try to create a positive aura around u....ppl ll love it n mainly its gud fr u n ur child inside whos listening n feeling ur emotions too...

Thanks Taheseen Asif

BP yeah true... everyone needs love,peace and happiness from one soul to other...I am keep trying to be better person each day...I will keep happy and share happiness everywhere.. that's the only Moro now...🌻

Thanks Kritz Priya Sood for ur support...yup m not letting single negative energy nd vibration in my mind and also in my family...reet is priority now I want to show her a different world where only love,peace and happiness is there...🌻

Aditi Ahuja that's true..pain is the greatest teacher of life..yes I know that was worst decision but I don't regret it..I discovered myself after that..I do understand my husband's point of view he was also gone through difficulties...time heals everything..🌻

AMRITA MALLIK ur my inspiration 😃 don't be think like that ...u can't even afford one negative thought as I mentioned in my next post..thoughts became stay positive and think urself and others too🌻

Stay strong dear ...hugs and love to u and little reet😘

Rashmi Choudhury thank u so much dear. Yeah positive thoughts do create positive vibrations and have the power to get manifested.

Oh my god u passed such difficult situation.Plz donot think of suicide for the sake of ur daughter.U r everything for her.Be positive n stay happy

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