Homemade Serum for Tangled hair

I am often asked that how do I manage my long hair even after delivery.. Honestly its tough and the biggest problem that I face is that they tangle into each other badly.. Recently I found a serum recipe on internet to get rid of that issue..



Take the thick paste from aloe vera or any organic aloe vera gel, water, apple cider vinegar and tinch of almond oil.. Mix them all well and put it in a water spraying can and spray it after you wash them and massage with hand once on tangled part and tadaa all the tangles are gone!!! Plus is also keeps hair super smooth and shiny ❤️❤️



Courtesy- Internet 😛😛

Very helpful! Thanks for sharing dear:)

You look gorgeous. This is exactly what I needed

Thank you for sharing!

Sounds interesting would definitely try this

Need this seriously

Much needed thing.. will try
.. thank u fr sharing

So pretty!
u have such nice voluminous hair.
I lost maybe half of my hair with two deliveries. Will surely try ur tip


Thnxs for sharing

super idea ..

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