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Connectivity between me n baby

The best part of motherhood ...

The best part of motherhood..

Selfless love feels so connected to my baby and satisfied when I breastfeed him.. And after the feed when my baby smiles back.. It makes me much more happy than anything..

Happy connection btwn me and my son

Lovely bond between me n my son❤❤

It's a bestest memory of motherhood ....big Satisfaction , great relief like I can give the world's best healthiest drink for her great growth
Really I feel proud as a breastfeeding mom

Gvs me satisfaction dat he is not having anything adulterated ...and vl protect him from many infections along with dere becomes inseparable connection between me nd my baby

My baby hold me like if she leaves me i will run away anywhere whenever i feed her... I loved her smile she give me in return after every feed....

Breastfeeding is precious bond between me and my baby. The fact that I can feed and she rely on this only for whole 6 months is divine feeling.

It's a joy and selfless love for my daughter. It's keeps us connected.
Bond that we have created without talking .

Important part of every mothers life

Not long after delivering my daughter, the nurse placed her at my breast for the first time. I felt so many emotions in that moment. I was excited, fearful, and nervous. Although I knew I was interested in starting breastfeeding, I had no idea what I was doing or how my daughter would take to breastfeeding.
;I figured all was well since she was sucking. I had no idea that those gaps could lead to a painful transition into breastfeeding.
My nipples were sore,
really sore. I cried a lot and I doubted my decision of starting breastfeeding many times.....
but at least I now know that it isn't easy at first. It takes time for the body to adjust, for the pain to subside, and for the mommy and baby to learn to feed. Feedings have provided me some of the sweetest moments this first year..
I am so grateful I was able to breastfeed my daughter;

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience.. U feel really emotionally bound with the baby while feeding. At times it gets little difficult when u are also tired and sleepy. But at the same time feels really lucky that u are a nutrition provider to a lo. Feels blessed to be able to do so

Best for the baby ...

Love the bonding between me and my makes me to feel soulful while breasrfeeding much of satisfaction..

A beautiful bond ❤

Natural source of food and nourishment for the baby...we must be blessed to get that honour of breastfeeding. Annapurna in sanskrit means that we fulfil the hunger of a living being that is none other than a soul connected to us by cord n blood...

Breastfeeding!; Oh God Its a boon for the baby and for the mother.
after c section I did not produce milk for two days. I felt so depressed, Before delivery I would always read questions and feedposts in babychakra to know more about feeding. Hence i did not lose hope I always wanted to feed my baby as soon as he is hungry and I took as a challenge and did so. Mother's milk is a nature's gift for baby. It is like a magical milk which has many advantages for the future of ur baby's health. please utilize thus opportunity and feed the baby atleast for an year I would say.; Love this beautiful bonding.😊☺

Beautiful love with child... connects so greatly

Breatfeeting is a lovely connection between mom and the baby.. I will be very satisfied and feels so happy after feeding her each time because baby will be happy with it..

Calories doesn't Count

Breastfeeding Hasn't been a cake walk for me.. Havefrom. Cracked nipples and comments on the supply of breast milk to satisfaction it's been journey full of ups and downs.. Perseverance is the way to achieve satisfactory breast-feeding..

After delivery when nurse handed my baby to me i started to cry out of joy.. as a first time mom i was not knowing how to feed her.. nurse n my mom helped me.. told me to sit in right position and helped in latching my baby.. as i strted feeding her she at first was biting my nipples bcoz of that i was in pain.. nipples were paining like hell.. i cried alot.. i used to fear whenever she was hungry coz i knew she is gonna bite them again and i was going in pain.. but later on it got normal and now while feeding her i talk to her she some times stop sucking and gives me a smile.. the satisfaction of feeding her is joyful.. I'm happy i choose to breastfeed her.. feeding time is we time.. its just me and my daughter.. its boon for baby and a mother.. its a chance to develop bond between them.. will continue bf for a year..

Mine is a weird story..but it's true.. it starts with my mother in law...and ends with my baby's will power to get connected to me..
Here's my story that my MIL was trying to take my baby away from me..and she was feeding him with formula milk...and whenever I insisted that I wanna breastfeed my baby she use to refuse saying or telling bullahit reasons...don't know why she was doing this and even I was confuse and my husband is also her obedient son.. he never crossquestion her..but I was fusrtated and angry on her ,every nurse was cursing her for doing so.. my breast got filled with lots of milk and it was flowing like anything...and then I got fever becoz of that.. every doc. Every nurse was saying to give him breast milk..but she nodded her head in front of them and when time comes to feed my baby..she kept refusing giving weird answer...on second or third day my baby cried like anything..she was trying to calm him.. nothing worked... Finally she has to take him to me and when my baby felt I am with my mother and get fed my milk...then only he stopped crying.. No one can separate a mother and a child...I feel happy and joyful to have such a wonderful baby boy...😙😚

Making food within ourselves 😇 Blessed to be a mom

Love n happiness...the bond between me n duty to be with him 24x7 because of feeding I take him wherever I have to go...the best part of motherhood

Feeling happy when he tells his day experiences

Wonderful experience of motheerhood....luving it.

Bond btw me and my me satisfaction nd happiness

Mother child bond is best & beautiful of all bond & it's a gift for baby from nature I think so.

Memorable and unforgettable part of motherhood..😊

It creates bonding between mother nd baby .

Love affection Na beautiful bonding 😍

I feels like a heaven when i feed to my baby daughter

Happines, satisfaction , bond between mother and baby....also healthy way to grow for a baby...its very important thing...

Breast feeding creates connectivity between mother & baby,it reduces the chances of breast cancer, heart attacks in mothers, it improves digestion of baby and gives more immunity to baby, it improves intelligence of baby

My story of breastfeeding is when I got c section of delivery with low weight baby, Iam nervous & crying, but after feeding first time I felt happy to have chance of feeding my baby, but the first 10 days breastfeeding made me to experience tears becozz of not sucking by baby properly & the breasts became loaded & pained much later the baby & me fully experienced the feeling of latching and feeding

Happiness and contentment

My baby is 1.5 yrs old and still he is on BF its gvng me full satisfaction i love to do my job.

Best part of enjoying the Motherhood. It makes me very happy after I breastfeed him and the bond between both of us increases day by day

#BreastisBest #breastisbest #breastfeedingmemories #breastfeedingweek
;Being a mother of two lovely; kids ,it is great memories; of getting emotional during breastfeeding . When my new born first baby first time breast feed I feel😇 connection; between me and my👪 baby .Really breast feeding is one thing that the touch to touch relationship between baby and mother strongest bonding. In fact ,when my baby suck for very 1st time made me too emotional because I realised she has too make such a effort for fullfill her hunger(trying to suck)
In first few minute of birth like (bhuk mitane k liye mehnat)😂
now whenever baby feel 👼🏻 hungry my breast automatically wet dress so I can understand her feel hungry .I always recommend all new mothers to enjoy her motherhood and feel experience of a breastfeeding. Our babies are most precious gift by God . Whenever i mgoing outside don't feel bad to breast feed in front of others ( we can drape our self with dupatta and breastfeed). . .I m blessed with a baby boy or girl

I've documented my story earlier. It's been a 5yr plus journey fr me, still going wondering when it's going to end

Breastfeeding has taught me that I cn trust my mothering instinct... Love between me n my son ❤😘

it was a wonderful experience ! my first kid was feed 2 yr & second was feed 1.4 yr..awaking whole nights sometimes & felt pain too..but i m so happpy , i did it beautifully!!; i didnt know what is formula milk, when my son was 2 yr old !!!

Breastfeeding is very precious time for me and my baby . starting days it's very tough to feed her, but day by day it's become very easily and memorable journey. I like most my baby when she gives me smile during breastfeeding...that time I m feeling like heaven..

Wonderful connection created by Nature nurtured by me, feels like I am part of something grand :)

Breast feeding is one of the precious gift for each d every mom ... please don't waste that gift .. my journey of breastfeeding began after 1hr of birth of my son Melwin Raj my sweet little angel. For my darling I just want each d everything best so I only preferred best that's breastfeeding which have everything what ever he needs for his growth and for me a way to share my bonding d love caring with him which only a mother can understand.... al was fine one day suddenly my breast didn't produce milk I started crying I was tense don't no what to do ... did everything in d world to regain that precious food for my baby thank God I gasped d continue my bond with him ... so I pledge to exclusive breast feed my son

It is best way to build physical and emotional health of baby . Wonderful feeling for mom as well. And prevents breast cancer.

Bonding beyond love and affection which only two souls can understand

Yes I do. Grt feeling 😍

Strong bonding with my baby

It's wonderful feeling ...I just pray to God ..please give enough milk to my baby..I will do anything for it. .just want see happy to my child..wtever I feel not Good ..illed ..but I try to eat good for my baby amazing feeling when my child look at me with smile while breastfeeding ...nothing like this 😍❤️

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience for me.After hearing my boys burping,it makes me more satisfaction than everything. Really i thank to god...🤱💞

After my c section I was unable to feed my baby for 2 days.He was taking formula milk wid bowl n spoon.When nurses came n helped me to feed him that was one of d best moments in my lyf.I wanted to give him bf but he found it difficult to take n feels happy wid spoonfeeding as he need not to suck.i feel so depressed n anyhow wanted to feed him.Wid lots of efforts he learnt to take bf.But my milk was not sufficient to him.As Dr advised I took medicines n proper diet wid that i was able to feed him properly.Now he is on exclusive bf from last 4 months n my anxiety has driven off.I feel so connected wid my baby evrytym I feed him.After every feed he always gave me smile which makes me feel out of dis world n satisfied.....😊😍

The best part of mother hood

To love more, be emotional, Happy, sad, enjoy every moment..its jst me n baby tym😘😘😘

It's a joy of love and the most important it's a bond that no one in the world can break

When i feed the baby i feel a kind of satisfaction and feel to hug her all the time and kiss

Difficult.. challenging but full of love and contentment in the end..

8 months baby boy

Breast milk is best for the baby as its the lifeline for him/her n for the mom too.. I didn't knew it's importance completely before being a mother myself.. Motherhood is like a dream for me, my story of breast feeding is not different though bt let me share this moment with u all..
Nov 13th was the day,; I was admitted in the hospital, nervous and in pain of c section I gave birth to a life,; an angel. .
My lil one Ishaani (we named her) as I was unconscious I didn't know what all happened; was it a boy or a girl..
When I came back to consciousness I was in room with hubby, MIL n SIL n they SD it's a girl. I wanted to see her bt she was kept in nursery for observation. 1st day I did not see her nor feed it. The next morning she came in my arms I felt out of the world,; I still dnt have words to describe that feeling. Now it started "the feeding process" she didn't take my feed as she was happy with easy feeding she got on the 1st day, I was numb I cudnt understand wat to do,; my baby is nt taking my feed m in pain as my breasts were so heavy,; I felt like crying bt strongly I controlled n tried bt she was all prepared by to take my feed..
My MIL helped me alot here by in vain, nurse from hospital helped alot the whole night we all struggled bt this angel like baby didn't suck for a min also, I was feeling more pain than the pain of the stitches I got for her.. Next day morning I was crying n my hubby consoling me, I was scared bcz my own sister's both children cudnt latch her nipples as they were small so I thought same is the case with me n now she will nt have my bm n something will happen to me cz of this n I dnt know wat will happen next... My husband poor guy didn't know what to do n say was consoling me in every manner n thn wen the doc came to meet me he told her everything..
Now came in the villain of the story. My doc sent an expert from her team n she helped me. She held Ishu's neck firmly n made her latch bm,; she cried alot I was crying seeing her in pain bt tat female didn't leave her n was trying n trying until ishu had my milk n slept. .
She said we will try again in evening n she left .. I was scared wat will happen in the evening ..
But, now to my surprise wen ishu waked up I tried feeding her n guess wat she started latching, yippee I was so so happy I can't tell u all. She had enough, she peed she she had more bm n again slept happily. Again wen the lady came n asked me come let's try again so I said no she jus had it n slept.

I have a bad experience I love happy that I breastfed but after delivery my milk was not coming n all were trying with hot water n all oil Malish my breast use to pain n become red I had suffer a lot but finally one of my relative came n did oil massage it started I use to cry my baby having milk with spoon I use to prey but later on all set

Best thing for the new born

Hi everyone...jab me preganant huyi thi to mene socha tha k me apne baby ko long term breast feed dugi.use bottle nhi lagaugi...but starting me mujhe breast feed krwana nhi ata tha uper se c section hone k vjah se nurses ne bottle feed start krdi .mera baby meri feed bht kam leta tha uper se mere cracks ho gye...kbhi milk supply kam bjt kuch liya us k liye...but vo feed nhi leta bht depressed thi k sjyed mera sapna sapna hi reh jayega...but after 40 days jab me mayeke gyi vha hmne bht try kiya fir usne start kiya tab uski sehat bhi bn gyi.... ab vo meri feed bhi leta hai aur semisolid bhi..ab hmari bonding bhi kaffi hai...mujhe to esa lgta tha k hum me koi bond hi nhi hoga vo mujhe pehchanega hi nhi shyed...but ab vo 10 month ka hone wala hai.m vry much satisfied.luv to breast feed.ab vo feed lete lete hi sota hai.

It's #breastfeedingweek ..I wanted to share with you my journe.. i would say.. it has been ok to start with.. no latching issues with both my girls. They fed well initially.. but then I had issues with are they getting enough feed.
While during Gaurika's time I switched to formula and bfeed combine.. for Tanvika I applied the old tricks by grandmoms to increase the supply and was able to support exclusive bfeed for Tanvika for 6 months. #breastisbest #breastfeeding #breastfeedingweek #breastfeedingmemories

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I am proud of many things in my life but nothing beats being a mom because breastfeeding make such a great bonding between me and my baby 😍😍😍

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I feel satisfied and so connected to my baby, I feel a strong bond between us and between the feed when my baby smiles back and again started feeding and once she complete I can see a satisfied smile on her face it gives me much more happiness than anything in the world.

It helps to create bonding between mother and child and it's best nutritional food for babies.

Breastmilk is a boon😇 for babies..and even for is enriched with all the nutrients that are required for your little bundle of joy..other than this it contains IgA and IgG antibodies which develop immmunity of the babies..and moreover it is filled with love and care❤❤ through which you and your baby connect to each other 😊. I'm a mom of two kids and I have breastfed my elder son till 2 years and now my other son who is 5 months old is too fed by breast..I encourage all my buddy moms and other moms to breastfed exclusively 6 months and intermittent breastfeeding along with solids till 2 years..I have seen this with my kids and even others that the breastfed babies have a great metabolism and stronger immunity..Immunity is something must required because babies are the most vulnerable towards infections and the only way to develop immunity of babies is by breastfeeding. And definitely you need no sterilisation and you don't have to carry bottles, milk etc. while travelling. It is the best nourishment one can give to their babies..It has no substitute. So the moms go for it. It costs nothing but love and only love❤ Bless your baby with breastfeeding, you will bless him/her for the whole life👍

It feels so connected to my baby and satisfied when I breastfeed him.. And after the feed when my baby smiles back.. It makes me much more happy than anything..

Motherhood diaries: Breastfeeding - To show or not to
Breasts and its exposure is a sensitive yet controversial subject today. We have read about and probably some of you have witnessed the ‘Maaruthurakkal Samaram’. The title of my post is suggestive of this, but that is not what I intend to discuss here. Mine is a more personal take and experience on breastfeeding: the vital responsibility that comes along with motherhood.

As promised, I will be discussing some myths involved as well. Many young mothers out there have been at the receiving end of the same, but here again, this is my personal take. Anyone is free to object and opine on the same.

Having left behind two-three weeks of looking after my newborn child, I was still new to the many nuances that involved childcare. During the initial days, I had to spend almost a week at the hospital as my baby had to undergo phototherapy after being diagnosed with neonatal jaundice. During the days spent at the hospital, all I did was feed the baby whenever she was awake which was something that happened every half to one hour of sleep. My only concern at that stage was to keep my baby hydrated and well-fed so that the yellowness in her eyes and skin would be removed via her urine and excreta. I remember vaguely my mother-in-law and at times my mother throwing a shawl over me everytime;I was feeding. And believe me; feeding the baby was my biggest challenge as I was just getting the techniques on track- techniques like holding the baby the right way, ensuring she could latch on to my breast and keeping her from falling asleep so that proper intake of milk happens. In between this juggling act to be covered in a shawl was something I disapprove of. So I would keep pulling it off and continue with my moral responsibility.

Scene 2: After a week-long haul at the hospital I was finally at home and was eagerly waiting;for some well-deserved rest. After all its no small reason why it is termed as ‘labour pain‘ having experienced the half day long contractions before the delivery. I had heard about an extensive postpartum care with hot water oil bath, restricted food, and confinement. Mine was no different story. My mother keeping in mind my well-being and going along with our traditional method hired an aunty who was responsible for bathing my baby and also giving me the read more visit.

a true bond in me and my son

For the first six months breastfeeding is the best bond between me and my son 😊

Bond,care and not to give up😊

A unique bond between mom and child

My story: when Shivansh came to my life I was very happy I wanted to enjoy every part of motherhood and breastfeeding as well. The very next day in evening nurse called to me to meet Shivansh and try to feed him. I tried and succeeded as God taught him how to latch and get first food through his mom's breast. I called that sound "chuk chuk ". My as unfortunate things happened in my life. My MIL couldn't see him cry when I was trying to feed him. She used to ask me to give my milk in bottle or bowl to feed him with spoon. Also she asked my husband to start formula . I used to cry and ask 'pls let me feed him but she was not ready and husband also supported her. Within 15 days I was empty, my breast was empty. That frustration I can't handle. I still cry but nothing can happen. Now Shivansh will 8 months soon. She left to her home when he 3.5 months. I can't forgive her.

He is my life

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Breastfeeding is one of the most enjoyable, memorable and sweet memories of the motherhood journey
I love seeing my babies growth and checking weder he s getting enough milk and talking to him and making different types of sounds and seeing his smiles, his first few letters that spells from his mouth
I will forget everything even the milk which I kept on the stove to boil and keep talking to him and I really enjoy and love that moment which won't come back
Watching my diet, checking if baby is happy with the nutrition full milk he s getting or not
Not one or two so oooo many
Little one memories keep recollecting daily

Am breastfeeding even at 1am GH time.hmmmm the best but tiring

It's world's best food for my baby,and I feel so connected with my son.. .

1 n half month old baby

Help to make storng bond between mother and child

Very healthy for baby,Good bonding between mother and child, worth less happines.

The bonding with my son..n offcourse the satisfaction..

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