#BreastIsBest And I Know It--Beginning my Breastfeeding Journey

So my breastfeeding journey began exactly three weeks back on the 9th of July. 9 has always been my power number. My birth number, my date of marriage and finally my Siddy ka birthday.

And now it also signifies the start of my ebf sojourn. As we inch closest to celebrating world breastfeeding week, here are the ten things breastfeeding taught me. And these also double as reasons why I'd never give up ebf by choice.

1. It makes me feel connection to the life I let thrive inside me.

2. It gives me insight into what being a mom means. Breastfeeding is responsibility. Period.

3. It empowers me with the fact that I can create and nurture life.

4. It makes me choose priorities to the point that I can dilute out the pains from the C Section.

5. It gives me control over my mind and allows me to remain calm--something I never was.

6. It is almost meditative. Gives me a goal that is timed around my life.

7. It gives me the energy to plan and boost my life goals. Breast feeding is something I need to plan my next few months around and not vice versa.

8. It gives me a feeling of being valuable. Of being worthy. Of being a mom.

9. It gives me enlightenment about what being a mother means. It means you are liable for a life and how you bring it up.

10. It makes me happy despite being super tired. And the feeling is incomparable.

What did breastfeeding make you feel? How did it treat you? #breastfeeding #breastfeedingweek #kolkatamoms #bbaychakramoms #babychakrafamily #beingamom

Thanks for sharing!!

Kritz Eliza Rebecca Prakash Khushboo Chouhan

I m sure many many moms can this

This was a great insight for me.

Yes,I can also relate myself to this

Awesome and I love the 3rd point. Whenever I look at my baby I feel " I did it". When I started weaning I was sad and I dint want her to take outside food. Happy feeding!

Lovely ..... The inner feeling of every bf mom

Lovely post👌👌

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