15 Reasons You Must Only Sleep On Your Left Side!

Benefits of sleeping on your left side:

▪Prevents snoring.

Pregnant women;get the advantage of better blood circulation, flowing of blood to uterus, fetus, and kidneys and relief from back ache.

▪Helps in proper digestion after meals.

▪Gives relief to people having back and neck pain.

▪Helps in filtering and purifying toxins, lymph fluids and wastes.

▪Prevents serious illness as accumulated toxins are flushed out easily.

▪Liver and kidneys work better

▪Smooth bowel movements

▪Reduces workload on heart and its proper functioning

▪Prevents acidity and heartburn

▪Prevents fatigue during morning

▪Fats gets digested easily

▪Positive impact on brain

▪It is also considered to be the best sleeping position according to Ayurveda.

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