Good morning dear

Di this was true booster! God granted me motherhood the day after i resigned my job! Change was difficult as i had other plans but as usual God had better plans for me. How I only wish my parents could understand God's plan!

Good morning dear Kavita Sahany and dear AMRITA MALLIK once I also was going through a turbulent time when I wanted something badly and lost it..when my mom said it's for better..because God will open a better door for you.. I remember even one of my friends was sitting with me and even he said ...isme Kya achchaa hua aunty..but just a month later we both came and told my mom ki she was right..because then I got something which was far better.. sometimes it may be not the best thing that we get ..or which we and the world perceive as best..but it may be the most suitable thing for us that we get..

Aditi Ahuja u r right di

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