What's the best thing breastfeeding has done to you as a mom? I have already shared a long post of what it makes me feel. How's your experience been? #sharewithus #babychakramoms #kolkatamoms #breastisbest #breastfeedingweek #breastfeedingmoms

Swati Upadhyay Vidya Rathod

It helps me to reduce my weight a lot .I can fit into my old n old clothes😄😄

Yes m a new mum nd and since I hv started feeding dere is a beautiful bond btw me nd my son and I really like d way he opens his mouth by nodding and holding me with his lil hand ♥️

My baby start smiling

Bond between me and baby which I miss now... dramebaaz now only want his dad

I really don't miss it much as too much time has passed..but it was a great feeling..helped weight loss.made me feel complete and satisfied that I am doing the best for my baby..

It brought me and my baby very close. When baby try to tell in her own way she wants feed it's really heart melting.

I loved the bond between me and my son and I m enjoying it doing so.. I feel satisfied as a mother that im giving best to my baby by feeding..

Special time between me n my baby

I feel dejected as my baby is not taking my feed..don't know wat to do..😥

I like the way he rubs his face on my chest , showing signal that he is hungry. I find myself so close to him.

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