Day 2: Question of the day

#breastisbest #breastfeedingweek

Yes. Since I had c section. Doc has given my baby fm. N told me to continue with it. But now I give him only 2 times fm. N rest on bm.

Does fm helps in growth of baby. Or it is just use to fill the tummy

No...only bm

No.. only bm

Mera BBY formula feed nai let' leta ha ..he is 9months old ..ess e koi growth p Fark pasta baby ki

nelly your milk is more than enough for your bBy.

No. Bf is best for baby..

Yes, because I am not allowed to feed my baby because of my anti coagulant medication. I had Pulmonary Embolism post my C Sec and on 6 months medication for blood clots prevention

My baby is completely on BM.. I asked my paediatrician to prescribe me formula., so that I can feed my baby wen I feel that the milk supply is less.. my paediatrician said a big NO..!! For formula n said I myself being a doctor B.feed my 9 months old.!

Only BM.

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