After delivery when nurse handed my baby to me i started to cry out of joy.. as a first time mom i was not knowing how to feed her.. nurse n my mom helped me.. told me to sit in right position and helped in latching my baby.. as i strted feeding her she at first was biting my nipples bcoz of that i was in pain.. nipples were paining like hell.. i cried alot.. i used to fear whenever she was hungry coz i knew she is gonna bite them again and i was going in pain.. but later on it got normal and now while feeding her i talk to her she some times stop sucking and gives me a smile.. the satisfaction of feeding her is joyful.. I'm happy i choose to breastfeed her.. feeding time is we time.. its just me and my daughter.. its boon for baby and a mother.. its a chance to develop bond between them.. will continue bf for a year..

#breastisbest #breastfeedingstory

Yes,it is bonding between u nd ur baby🌻

For how much time does the nipple hurt? How much time does the baby take to learn suckling?

Same story of mine.... minal swapnil madhavi.... So relatable.... She doing same n i also suffered a lot in starting... Bt her smile is the best medicine to frgt all pain..... Lv my baby 😘

Its paining in starting only... About one week or 15days.... I feels better when i applied ghee on it.... Ghee is grt for cracked nipple... Bt you pls start taking care of your nipple frm now only.. AMRITA MALLIK

Nicely said..; it happens.. my baby didn't bite bt I use to feel pain cz of sucking. first whole month I was in pain bt later all was fine, I used to apply bm n ghee on nipples. .
AMRITA MALLIK dnt worry, it depends on u n ur baby it can take 15 days or a month for both of u to get used to bt never stop feeding.. 👍😊

Wasn't the pain detering? What was the motivation to continue breastfeeding despite so much pain for such long duration? Because dealing and overcoming the pain with determination and making up the mind takes time. But the baby's hunger can't wait for that. And one wrong move the baby would never latch or breast feed.

Thanks for sharing!

AMRITA MALLIK mine nipple hurted almost 15-20 days.. but i continued coz i choose to bf her for her better health.. my baby was able to suck right after delivery.. when nurse handed me my baby i just latch her to nipple and she started sucking it

Ruchi Chauhan true their smile is the best medicine

AMRITA MALLIK hey amrita when it comes to baby the mother never compromises,so how much painful it may be I continued breast feeding n with the help of this group of moms n my elders took suggestions n applied them.. u can't see when it baby is hungry n crying cz of hunger so we forget our pain at tat time n feed the baby first.. No one wants to see the baby crying. . Dnt worry u will experience wen ur baby comes. . Bt every mother should breast feed so here I am still continuing with breast feed to my baby...

AMRITA MALLIK ths pains are gift to mothers only who only can bear pain like ths no one else can.... Its god's gift to us... Accept it happily bcs as the tym passes you will miss all ths things mostly the breastfeeding period which connect you with your little one...

I salute to all breast feeding moms including my mom. She has given me the gift of good health.

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