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Since my pregnancy I was preparing myself for Breastfeeding and thought of atleast for a year surely I am going Breastfeed.

After deliverying my baby through c- section my body was under the effect of antheisia and I was waiting to see my child. He was in NICU for 6 hours. Then I got him in my hands and felt so blessed. I fed him for the first time. I was surprised because it was not that easy. Because I was having flat nipples, he was not able to latch and end up crying badly.

Next three days I was trying everything to make it happen. Someone suggested me to try nipples shield and it worked very well. I came home after that I struggled because of shield was uncomfortable for me and; as it was inappropriate latch my; body was unable to produce enough milk. My son used to cry alot day-night and my grand in laws told me to start bottle feeding. Reluctantly agreed to them I started bottle to feed him but I was able to accept the fact that I am failing in something for which I have been preparing since long. My son was and apple of everyone's eye and that is; why I get very less chance make him latch.

I wanted him to have BM so I started hand expression of BM and gave him through bottle. It again effected my milk supply even after trying so many things.

Then I read article of baby charkra's member Satyam Sharma on exclusive pumping and bought pump. I was like now I have to give him BM no matter how and how much. Started pumping exclusively. I can't say that he was totally on BM but I was able to keep it 50 - 50 for BM and FM.

After 3 months I came back to where my hubby was staying. Now I have to manage everything alone. It was surprised me alot that my son started giving sign for BF before sleeping and then many times in a day. I tried to increase my supply by asking my doc and everyone and still working on it. It was so good that even after 3 Months of birth my son started Breastfeeding and everybody was shocked.

He will complete his 5 months and since last two months he gave me pleasure of bf. He is on partial feed but still feel lucky that I made it possible for me at the end.

Good effort rock!!

Good effort 👍

Excellent effort

Aditi Ahuja Vidya Rathod Shanaya and Karishma Agrawal; thank you all. I can say baby chakra app and members kept me going on and on 😍😘

We are always there dear for you

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