Need one help guys fully confused .....

Can i have my permanent hair straightening now ..? because i usually do dat for every 6 to 7 months now its time to get it done....but during pregnancy can i go through for it or not lil bit confused ?

Hi better not to go for any hair treatments during pregnancy try using serum to smoothen frizz & go for a layered cut for straighten look

Saanvi even I used to do it but now as I'm 23 weeks I have decided not to do it. As ultimately it's the chemical which they use at the roots of the scalp. And this chemical can pass thru our skin. Why to take unnecessary risk Na..

K kritz ...i ll not

No..I also wanted to do this but my hair stylist resufed herself.. because those chemicals seep inside our body through the pores and may effect the baby...

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