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Breastfeeding is God's way of giving a new mother power to nourish her child..even people who are poor can afford it, nothing can match it's composition and the antibodies it has acts as a protective cover for an infant who is low on immunity and is usually vulnerable to many infections.

It's amazing that breast milk can change it's composition as per a growing child's need, it's like an elixir that has a bit of everything that a mother eats, it's odour helps a child develop different tastes and inclination for food later and the best thing is that though a mother- baby bond starts in the womb itself, breast feeding helps create a life long bond..

For many it's easy to breast feed their child since birth while for others it's difficult. It had taken me a month after becoming a mother to help my child breast feed successfully as latching was the biggest issue I faced. I still remember my babies crying and unsatisfied face throughout nights..later a pillow on my lap and one on side and the child on it, assistance from family members and doctor and persistence and patience from my side helped me.

Hope this picture helps someone in need!!

Thanks for sharing!

beautifully written aditi :)

Thanks so much dear Swati Upadhyay and Harshmita Walia

Beautiful article yaar.👌👍

Thanks dear Vidya Rathod it's just what I felt when I was Breastfeeding..btw my kiddo used to make a weird sound when she couldn't latch.. I still remember it dear..we tease her for that and laugh.. I know it's that same phase for you dear..hope you both are enjoying it..

Really helpful for bf momss

Thanks dear Ankita Aggarwal ..just wanted to add that breast feed is always at right temperature for baby so no worries of heating..then cooling and sterlization..just maintaining hygeine helps..

Agree Aditi Ahuja

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