I am really getting irritated with the feeling that I'm alone. I don't know whether it's just a phase or depression... I yelled everytime on my husband. I wish I had my Mom with me so that she can take care of me while I am taking care of my baby. Its really frustrating sometimes.

Neha Mani Mishra

I can understand dear. I also had same feeling but try to divert ur mind n only think of ur baby. Ur baby is ur strength. U have to come out from this phase if possible visit ur mom's place or call her for few days.

It’s happens dear #try to take some time out for urself if any one of ur family members cannot come . You can hire someone for part or full time

preeti sinha my mother do visit once in a week but its not possible for her to stay with me as we are living with my In laws and they will get offended. Also my MIL asked not to take the baby out before 6 months so that's not possible as well. :)

Natasha u r right... Me time is very much required :)

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