Day3: Today let's have some fun all day long and let's smile while thinking of breastfeeding.

#breastfeedingweek #breastisbest

firstly do path using mobile n den see babychakra app as I gt only dat tym free to chk bbc....

I read news by using mobile

Using babychakra app while feeding

Movie, Babychakra, chatting in initial days as need to feed baby frequently so these use to keep me awake.

no mobile, tv..while i was feed my child, i was praying to god for give blessings; to my son..everytime, i thought about positive things, as my grandma told me that , baby is not only feed but taking all positives & goodness from u!

chat on mobile

Initially no mobile nothing jus concentrate on feeding my baby n giving her all positivity .. Now I use mobile to chk the app n other msgs..

Chat on mobile

Starting i was not using nw i watch news of baby chakra and other. Its gd

Use mobile to check recent posts on baby chakra n sometimes sing lori to get him sleep depending on situation

At my time we didn't have smart I used to read a book a bit of TV and hold my child close to me and love her..

Same Aditi Ahuja in my first pregnancy I use to feed her without distraction. As at that time no smart phone nothing. Only mommy baby time. Now all this happening

I used do all of it when I was initially breastfeeding at night but now I just sing to my baby when breastfeeding

I do nothing no mobile no tv nothing..

True dear Vidya Rathod time to read is during feeding sessions

Nthng at all jus feeding and praying

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