Hello everyone, today is my first scanning. My lmp was 6th of june, C.R.L apprx 4.66mm nd pO.G 6 weeks nd 2 days...G.sac apprx 13.95mm to PO.G 4 week 5days seen ...foetal caradiac is present nd yolk sac everything ok....i.mean to say 6 week 2 days hona chaiye tha but show 5 week 4 days hora hai....problem to ni hogi koi....nd 6th week mai heart beat aajani chaiye kya....suggest me?

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Mamta Goel

Thats absolutely fine.. dont worry..

Totally fine. No need to worry

Thnx both of uh....

I m tensed because i had first miscarriage.....nd now i take progestrone tablets nd pubergn injection.....still doctor said now again less growth saw my this ultrasound...i.e i nervous nd tensed

You must have gone through some other test?
This USG is completely normal. Initially on USG 1-2 week gap is there aa baby is small. Later on USG will match your gestational age.

Thnx....i will again test after 1 or 2 week

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