Hi, super stressed but hoping for the best

Hey dear don't be stressed ...think positive ...
Natural Ways To Prevent Stress During Pregnancy

hey dear.... dont take stress... be happy and focus on good things... the best is coming on your wayyy... happiness awaited!!

amritha A.S.A don't get stressed dear... If u feel like then share what is making u stressed. Venting it out always helps... i know easy to say etc etc but here every other mom or mom to be is definitely going thru something stressful in life. But in the end we have to think first about the small lil life which is growing inside us, coz all our thots,stress ,not,clam,etc gets passed on to the baby... Take care...

Thanks u all im trying my best to remain calm. Hope i can do my best

Don’t stress out dear it’s not good for you and your baby. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions we are all here to help you out!

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