My sister in law lives with my in laws. Both her kids have been mostly taken care of by my mother in law. My sister in law had good supply of breast milk during her lactation period. The kids were weaned at perfect age. But they continued to breast feed at night for a very long time. The elder child has stopped. But the younger kid 3 and 1/2 years old still continues to comfort breast feed at night. Even my mother in law encourages her by giving the child to latch on her breasts at night. She did so with the elder one also and she thinks there is no harm in it as it is a way of show love tot he child. Sometimes the younger one, the daughter, used to grab on to my breasts even when and would demand feed secretly to me as i was very close to her. I was not pregnant at that time and i felt very uncomfortable so i distanced myself a bit from her after that incident. I don't know my feelings and my behaviour towards her were right or wrong.

A couple of months ago i met a friend of mine whi has a 3 yr old son who is also used to comfort feeding at night to fall asleep. My friend had a sore and wounded nipple so asked for help. I asked her to gradually wean the child completely of this habbit. And advised her to take good care of the nipple by applying glycerine and taking vitamin e capsules for somedays. She continued to feed the baby from other side at nights. She gradully healed.

So i want to know upto what age a mother should breast feed her child without affecting the psyche of the child? And beyond what age or time of breast feeding does it become strenous for the mother's body? Because beyond lactation also a mother has various roles in her child's adult life which should be taken care of by her. She should be strong enough at that time also to be able to support her child's needs.

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa DrShilpa Singhal Mamta Goel Dr. Payal M Rebecca Prakash Revauthi Rajamani

The ideal age to wean as per who is Two years, but few moms chose to feed post that and its completely the mom and child's decision. Yes breastfeeding takes a lot of energy and will power...

Acc to me upto 6 months its compulsory to breastfeed s child. After that you can start to wean off , still upto 2 yrs of age you can breastfeed your child. After that its a complete NO.

Awareness needs to be generated about this too, because as a mother the decision of breast feeding beyond a certain age is getting only emotionally biased and as far as the child's decision is concerned, its only a comfort demand of the child. A young osteoprotic mother with pathological fractures at the 20s or 30s of the child would make the child's life only difficult.

Yes you are absolutely right. Dont blind folded trust your MIL. Sometimes consult your doc too.

I have suggested them and advised them to stop all this. But they don't listen. They (bith MIL and SIL) just smile and pass it off like a joke or they thought i was too inexperienced to comment on their situation. But i was surprised at so many mothers doing it and encouraging it beyond 2 and 3 years of age here also, so i got confused and thought if i was really wrong in advising them and my friend as well.

Compulsory BFing till 6 months and after that up to one year on demand + food routine is followed.. after 12 months, i advise to do only nigh feed and let the child decide when to wean off.. if the child is not willing to wean off after 2 years also then its mother turn to start weanig by 30 months of age..

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa thank you ma'm

In the olden days (n now in some socioeco classes) children breastfeed until 3-5 yrs.
Most ppl stop completely by 15-18 months.
I feel two is a good time to stop, however I myself didn't stick to this timeline.
But definitely stop before child starts formal schooling(big school). Also it's a complete no-no for anyone else other than the mom to offer a feed, in my opinion.

Dr. Payal M thank you madam!

AMRITA good topic, world health organisation recommends breastfeeding till 2 years. However baby led weaning off is the best best, are you on Facebook? If yes join "Breastfeeding Support for indian mothers " you will be amazed for how many years even working moms are breastfeeding their babies. My idea about BF ING changed after I joined the group.

Rebecca Prakash yes i am there on fb i ll join the group right away. Thank u so much.

Till 2 breastfeeding is OK later it's not a good idea cause even mother body need time to heal up as its goes through a lot during and after pregnancy.

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