Do you support breastfeeding in Public? Share your thoughts on this.

#breastisbest #breastfeedingweek

Of courses!! ...covers are good . Anywhere anytime

Yes,; it's the need n right of the baby n we have options to cover up n feed

Yes , ofcourse. We usually go to Gurudwara sahib and many a times i breastfed my baby at darbar sahib and langar hall. I don't feel ashamed. I feel honoured to be a mother and i m proud of it.
If we can't hide our bump while pregnancy why should we hide our breast while breastfeeding the child in public. #breastfeedingweek

I support it completely..have done in etc

Why Not?; breastfeeding in public is not a shame! i fed him in bus, train, shopping mall, temple, everywhere... just covering dupatta or use babycover..i didnt give even water till 6 wherever went, i feed him.. #breastfeedingweek

Yes I support..

Yes i support breasfeeding in public n have done by covering with a dupatta n i feed him whenever n wherever he wants..

Yes. Anywhere anytime coz I can't see my baby crying.

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