Introducing Tummy Time to Baby (Importance & Benefits)


When we talk about tummy time, what exactly do we mean? Tummy time is just that—time that baby spends on his stomach while awake and supervised. Placing baby on his tummy encourages him to lift his head, which helps strengthen his head, neck and shoulder muscles and boost motor skills.


From the day1 they come home, babies benefit from 2 to 3 Tummy Time sessions each day for a short period of time (3 to 5 minutes). As the baby grows and shows enjoyment of Tummy Time, you can lengthen the sessions. As babies grow older, more Tummy Time helps build strength for sitting up, rolling over, crawling, and walking.

Aim for around 20 to 30 minutes a day of baby tummy time by the time he is 3 or 4 months old. Then keep the practice up until baby can roll over on his own, a feat many babies accomplish around 6 or 7 months of age.

For more Benefits and importance you can watch this video..

I hope this is helpful for all mummies.

ritu singhal Prakash Satarupa B Kaur asha chaudhry Richa Chowdhary Revauthi Rajamani Neha Vij Khushboo Chouhan Priya Sood Sonam patel Nilofer M Akshaya Naresh Prachi Aditi Ahuja; Neha Mani Mishra Satarupa B Kaur Madhavi Cholera Khushboo Chouhan Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Abhilasha Jaiswal Sania Bhushan Varsha rao Amardeep Singh Bhavna Anadkat Mrs Chhoker Richa Choudhary KritiVika asha chaudhry Priya Sood Vidya Rathod Taheseen Asif Priya Dubey Sriparna Banerjee Thakurta Mariyum Aaquib Kritz Shanaya Chandani Pathak Harshmita Walia Archita Bhattacharjee Kavita Sahany Resham Java Abhilasha Paul Rebecca Prakash Sriparna Banerjee Thakurta Cheni Adukia Amardeep Mann Akanchha Pandey asha choudhary Kritz KritiVika asha chaudhry Bulti Paul AMRITA MALLIK Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) Jayalakshmi Nair Kusum Thakur Divya Rao

Very informative!!

Very helpful

very nice information for new moms deae

I m also trying it.thanks for sharing..this is just in time.

I havent started tummy time yet.. whe should i? Rebecca Prakash KritiVika

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharig dear....

Satarupa B Kaur in South there is no concept called tummy time till they achieve that roller over chin up milestone, when I tried once with Athu but my mom freaked out, so I stopped immediately. By 3 months she rolled over and she is always on her tummy now 🙄

Yes thats what my mom told me.. that we shudnt roll the bbay..they will roll automatically..

Yeah guess it differs in each community, you do what is comfortable for sid.

Yes,it differs from parents to parents..our elders says don't do this all milestones they will acheive automatically...but I used to do tummy time from starting like during massage time for 2 minutes on lap...then when she turned 3 I rolled her and try to give 5 min tummy time then now she is njoying it


A very good share dear..

I wud suggest u to start tummy time after 2.5 months dear..I did so.. Satarupa B Kaur

Sure thing KritiVika will consult you too.

Thanks for sharing

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