In a largely patriarchal society, supportive husbands too face certain limitations when it comes to helping their wives out with parenting tasks, Share stories where your husband wanted to help you but could not.

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At nyt tym I wanted help f my hubby.. but MIL couldt leave him to do dat.. she said dat he also tired dng his job n nw u want keep awake at nyt also.. n she make him to sleep in other room. .

Really sad that when child belongs to both parents..why cant Farber's do at least what they can.. Its their child everything else..

Husbands is always ready to do all things.. but der relatives can't dey take or c To Help his wife..

In that case, I am so Lucky. Becoz my husband and mother in law both are help to me in each n every household work. Even my father in law also said to hubby always help to me in work whether she pregnant or not

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