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This is our second live chat for this breastfeeding week with our expert Sonali Shivlani, She will be taking all your questions on related to Breastfeeding. If you any doubt or any question, this is the time to ask everything.

If these questions are there in your mind, please ask these with our experts, Spread the word and tag new moms who will be benefitted from this live chat

1) What is a failure to thrive while breast feeding?

2) Why at times is it difficult to place the breast nipple in child's mouth?

3) Why is the child not expressing enough milk even though you have adequate milk flow?

4) How do you know your baby is swallowing after enough suckling?

5) There is fullness and hardness of your breasts that don't decrease at the end of feeding?

6) When should you be using a nipple shield?

Name: Sonali Shivlani

Date: 5th Aug, Sunday

Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Topic: Breastfeeding Basics

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pls suggest how to improve breastfeeding

There is leakage from my both breasts. I am already feeding enough to my 1.5 months old baby and he is growing fine.

i have pain during feedig,heavy pain after feeding what can I do

Want to know til how many months we can give the BF to baby my baby is 16 months old and he is still on BF.

How to get rid of sore,cracked and painful nipples

How useful is breast pump

I have gone through hysterectomy 4 yrs.back.I have a 10yrs.old daughter .I become mom again through surrogacy bt I dont think that I have milk in my breasts .My baby is 47 days old now .I tried in his early days but failed.What shold I do now???

Im a breastfeeding mom , im down with diarreah, so im taking Enuff capsules 100 mg internet says no to this cap but my doctor says its safe while bf what to do?
Another question is like in diarreah, im not taking milk , is this deduct my milk supply? Should i give her top feed

Is there any medication to increase breast milk supply.

My baby is premature and he is now 3.1/2 month old according to birth and according to due date he is just 1 month old .he is taking feed continues for 4-5hours is it normal or he would be loose the weight ???

How useful is formula milk.Does it have any side effects?

How to increase bm supply

Is it safe to use breast pump
..what type of breast pump is good manual r electric....when can we start using breast pump...I'm a working woman after 6months have to join to my wrk back...

I breast feed my baby.. it's in d morning after my baby's bath nd in d night before going to bed my bm is not sufficient fo him.. y is dat

Madhu the more you will feed the more milk you will make. Another thing which can help is reducing stress and relaxing with your new baby.

Leena leaking is very normal. You can use a breast pad to contain the leak. Do remember to change the pad often.

Madhu pain is felt where ? Whole breast or only the nipple ?

The world health organisation recommends exclusive breast feeding for six months. Then introduce solids but continue breast feeding till one year. Continue into the second year if comfortable for mother and child.

I month old baby ko Breastfeed kitni kitni der bad krani chaiye

Ami sore nipples are caused by an incorrect latch. If you correct the latch soreness will reduce. It is best to see a lactation specialist for the same.

Ami a breast pump is useful to express milk which can then be used for when the mother is not available to feed the baby. Very helpful for working moms.

Nisha lactation is possible in cases of surrogacy however the protocol to induce lactation is started three months prior to the birth of the baby.

Parul it is important to follow the doctors advise. Your health is also important. Every medication has some contraindications but it it is considered over all safe then the doctor would prescribe it.

Parul do not worry about your milk intake. It will not affect your milk supply. It is best not to use top feed as it will interfere with your milk production.

Ami there are many galactagogues available but it is best to get the prescription from your doctor for the same. Do not follow random advise as some medications may not suit you.

My Baby doesn't burp when it okay??
How to control fast let down of milk? I can't feel that but seeing baby choking or coughing or spitting ,I can make out the fast let down..

Mam, how can we know the baby got enough milk

My baby is 80 days old, and after feed she is vomiting every time & not burping after bf

Hello doctor..I have a eight and half months old baby girl. Till when I should breastfeed my baby??

How to increase Breast milk

Jimmy even a full term baby should not be feeding continuous for four hours. A typical fed can be between 20-45 minutes. If the baby has caught up to the birth weight then we can feed for 45 minutes. More than this is non nutritive suckling and will cause weight loss.

Ami formula milk has been designed for babies under one year of age. The main side effect is that it is not breast milk. There is no comparison in terms of benefits for the baby and the mother and hence if possible formula milk should be avoided and breast milk should be fed exclusively till six months of age.

Manjula feed often and reduce stress. The target is to feed 10-12 times a day. Ensure that the latch is correct as only then there will be proper stimulation.

Hello Doctor my baby is 15 months now. I hardly breast fed my baby due to improper knowledge. Mil said milk is not comin and baby was hungry n crying so was formula fed. But I feel guilty about it and also worry abt his immunity. He is an active child also covering his milestones properly. Thank you.

Mamatha yes it is safe to use a breast pump. A manual pump means you have to use your hand to pump the machine and collect the milk. An electronic pump will do the work for you. If you want to express often then we do recommend an electronic pump.

Sadiya you need to feed 10-12 times a day. Since you are feeding only twice your body is making milk for only twice. Hence it is not enough. Feed more often. It will take a few days but the supply will increase.

Nidhi aim for ten to twelve feeds per twenty four hours. Every two to three hours you should feed the baby.

Mamatha the burp sound is not important. Just hold the baby upright for a few minutes after a feed. If the let down is not bothering the baby then why worry. Relax.

Mam feed dete tym nipples m bot pain hota h or skin b red c ho gai h jalan b Hoti h after feed Kya karna chahiye feed Ni di jati bot pain krte h nipples pls tell

Chaitanya if your baby passes urine seven times a day and it is a nicely wet nappy or a full diaper seven times a day then you know that baby has fed enough in the last twenty four hours. Additionally you can also keep a check on the weight gain. If baby is gaining weight as per the growth charts then you know baby is getting enough milk.

Chaitanya it is not important to hear a burp sound. A little spit up is very normal after a feed. Vomit means the quantity is large and comes out with force. If this is happening at every feed then you should speak to the doctor.

Neetu the recommendation is to feed atleast for the first one year and if possible into the second year but this would be on your and baby's comfort.

Alpana do read the other questions as I have already answered this

Karishma even though we advocate breast feeding do keep in mind that it is not the only thing which makes a mom. There are so many other things and these are also invaluable for your child. Please do not feel guilty and spend your time worrying.

Aarti yeh galat latch ki wajah see how Raha hai. Aap lactation specialist se zaroor miliye aur is problem ko solve kariye.

Thank you ma'am.

Today the world celebrates Breast feeding day and this entire week is known as World Breast feeding week.
The Workd Health Organisation recommends exclusive breast feeding for the first six months of a baby's life. This means no water or glucose water or honey or formula. Formula may be given if prescribed by the baby's doctor.
In the next six months complimentary foods in the form of purees can be introduced but breast feeding must continue.
The recommendation also states that if possible breast feeding should continue in the second year of life as well.
Sonali's Desk

There are three things only which help to make breast milk :
1. The more you feed the more milk you will produce. Hence it is important to feed baby often right from birth - 10-12 feeds per day to help establish your milk supply.
2. The more happy and relaxed you are the more milk you will make - breast milk let down happens due to the hormone oxytocin and this is your happy hormone - so keep smiling.
3. Drink plenty of fluids especially water - breast milk is almost 80% water and hence intake of fluids is very important. Water is the magic ingredient which helps to produce breast milk.
Sonali's Desk

How to ensure that Baby gets enough Milk ?
It is important that you maintain a good latch and feeding position.
1. Sit in a comfortable position with as many pillows as needed. You can also use a breast feeding pillow.
2. Bring baby close to you and ensure that baby is tummy to tummy and facing where he needs to eat.
3. Tickle the baby's lip and have the baby root and open his mouth. To help you can also tug at the lower jaw to help baby open mouth wide.
4. Baby should have a major portion of the areola in the mouth and the lips should be flanged open.
5. The baby's chin ideally should rest on the breast and this will ensure that his nose is not getting blocked.
6. If it is painful while feeding then move the baby away and try again.
7. Watch the baby's jaw and ear for suckling and swallowing movements.
8. If baby falls asleep awaken the baby to encourage that they finish the feed.
9. If you need to move the baby away, insert a finger between the gums and break the suction.
10. Burp the baby by holding upright for a few minutes even if the baby does not make a sound it's just fine. Then offer the second breast. Burp again.
Sonali's Desk

How do I know that my Baby is getting enough milk ?
Every one says baby looks thin and therefore the milk is not enough. Baby cries and every one at home worries that the baby is not getting enough milk.
These are common feelings that every new parent experiences.
Three things which will help to reassure you :
1. Make sure that your baby passes urine a minimum of seven times a day. We are looking at seven full diapers from day five of life.
2. Watch the stools output. It is generally yellow in Color, liquid in consistency and may have a little granular consistency. Stools may not happen every day and this is very normal.
3. Check the weight gain at every doctors check up. As long as the weight gain is as per the growth charts then you know that your baby is developing well and your breast milk is sufficient.
Sonali's Desk

Breast feeding is supposed to be fun and relaxing but at times there may be some problems.
Engorgement - when the body makes more milk than the baby needs. Use a warm compress before feeding, express a little milk to make yourself comfortable. After feeding apply a cold pack.
Sore nipples - make sure your latch and position is correct.
Cramps - abdominal cramps are very normal. This is just your uterus shrinking.
Leaking - very common to experience leaking, you can use a breast pad but remember to change it often.
Lumps - if your breast feels lumpy in some areas then gently massage the lump to relieve the clogged duct. If it does not reduce and vanish then consult the doctor as it could convert to an infection and this can then need antibiotics or even a minor surgery.
Over all remember to seek help for breast feeding concerns as soon as possible rather than delaying help. The problem can become more severe and hence difficult even for a lactation counselor to resolve.
Sonali's Desk

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My baby is 13 days old and very gassy I have tried colicaid drops but doesn't help for longer duration he cries all the time pls suggest

Hlo mam mera baby 36 days ka h wo shuru se hi poty ke sath pani sa ata h kya ye normal h

Man mere baby ko gas bhi bhut banti h.. or wo rota h bhut. Kya karu..wo 36 days ka h

Hi mam.My son is 15 n half months old.He takes feed only when he wants to sleep like in morning after bath n having breakfast he wants to sleep n takes feed n sleeps.same as in afternoon n at night.At night he taked 2 to 3 times feed.Is it ok .should i continue feed.As he is not taking milk through cup,glass or sipper.He drinks shakes by spoon feeding.plz suggest

Hi mam... I m doin my post graduation .. and i hav oly 3 months of maternity leave ... Evn if i take extra 1 month ML ,i can feed my child oly fr 4 month completely t safe to start formula milk at end f 4 month itself?

Usha please do check with the doctor what medications should be given.
Avoid formula milk
Burp the baby after each feed
And try gentle abdomen massage to help baby release the gas.

Yes Nidhi for a baby who is exclusively breast fed stools have a watery consistency

Sania you can decide if you want to continue or not as per your comfort. Baby at this age is fine without milk as long as he is having other calcium rich foods. As he is taking milk in the form of shakes or curds using a spoon that is also good enough.

Anitha you can consider expressing your milk and keeping for the baby for when you have to go to work.

In the initial phase my breasts were heavy but now a days I don't feel that much heaviness. Is this means I'm producing less milk now? My baby is four months old n on BM only n she is gaining weight properly. Still I'm worried abt my milk supply as I'm not getting enough time to eat frequently. Pls advise.

Sukhada it is normal for the breast to feel soft once breast feeding is well established. Do try to find some time for yourself and eat healthy. Even small mini healthy snacks are good.

Sukhada it is normal for the breast to feel soft once breast feeding is well established. Do try to find some time for yourself and eat healthy. Even small mini healthy snacks are good.

Sukhada it is normal for the breast to feel soft once breast feeding is well established. Do try to find some time for yourself and eat healthy. Even small mini healthy snacks are good.

It has been lovely chatting with all of you. Do follow me on Babychakra to read my articles and posts. Tag me for any questions if needed. All the best.

Thanks a lot mam Sonali Shivlani 😊

Hi I have month old baby during day time she pass urine 3 times as she sleeps whole day. Night she pass 3 to 4 times. Is that OK?
She don't pass stool everyday once in a week she does
Can I give bonisson?

How long can I store breast milk as I'm working . I want to store milk so that my MIL can feed her

Thank u so muchSonali Shivlani mam

I am having severe headache. what breastfeeding safe remedy /medication can i take?

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