Hi I m 8week pregnant

I m worried as usg done no heartbeat doctor guess maybe fetus is not alive.any of you hv ny experience before.i m very depressed will power tells me to wait 2wks more if I cn hope nythng

Hey sona.. Don worry.. heart beat usually comes at 10 weeks.
At 10 weeks it's clearly audible. Dts y dr suggests to do scan at 10 weeks.
I also had a scan at 10 weeks.

Wait till 10 weeks

Request you to visit your doc asap ! It happened with me at 12th week.It could be the case of missed abortion. Any delay can create infection in your uterus.

If you don't have any vaginal discharge (bleeding, I mean)... then you can wait, in most of the cases, heartbeat is found little later.. have fun, don't take stress

Hey sona don't be upset my 2nd son when he was conceived I had an internal hemmorage and I was 7 weeks pregnant doc suggested to clean up but my hubby told to wait for a week and so on I waited till 9 week and there he got his heartbeats so stay calm and cost ur doc next week

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